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This content was written for Emeka Nnaka Find the Best School Assembly Speaker Struggling Past the Excuses Students find the best school assembly speakers to be the ones that can be considered family and are willing to come back year after year. Students want a motivational speaker that is willing to come back multiple times a year. Students want a motivational speaker that would be willing to go on a school trip with them. Students want someone that they are going to remember for who that speaker was, rather than what points they gave. There will be times when certain messages stand out and stick with a student throughout their life. Sometimes they might even remember some catch phrase or concept. Many students find that Emeka Nnaka is the best school assembly speaker that they have ever heard. He lives out everything that he speaks about. He is a man that is full of integrity. He is a man of high hope. His identity is no longer the focus of who he used to be; it’s about where he is going. His image is not wrapped up in who he is as a speaker; it’s about the people he severs. His influence is like a multi-level marketing business; there are people that he does not even know that he has influenced because other people are telling other people about their experience in hearing Emeka Nnaka speak. When you find the best school assembly speaker, go ahead and tell a handful of others about them because you never know how that little bit of information might influence their decision to go see that speaker in person or listen to their content online. Like a lot of us, there have been times when Emeka Nnaka himself hasn’t wanted to go about his day and do the things that are hard and don’t feel good. Emeka once said, “When motivation wears off, discipline kicks in.” There have been days when he hasn’t wanted to make phone calls, write emails, or head into the gym, but he does it anyway. One of the hardest struggles that Emeka ever had to live past was when he was 21. Emeka was a standout defensive end for the Oklahoma Thunder, which is a semiprofessional football team in Oklahoma. His first season with the team was in 2008 and he played a huge role in helping them win a championship ring. However, just partway through the 2009, tragedy struck. In a play that Emeka had made over a hundred times before, he went in for the tackle and CRACK! This time the outcome did not go in his favor. He had just broken 2 bones in his neck and was paralyzed from the chest down. His surgery would be the very next morning. The next several months would unfold some of the hardest, most hopeless days of Emeka’s life. It took a lot of courage and hard work for Emeka to pick his life back up and reinvent himself, but he did it. When you find the best school assembly speaker to have ever existed, you will have found Emeka Nnaka sitting in front of you delivering one of the most life changing speeches you’ve ever experienced. To book Emeka Nnaka, please call 478-719-8231 today.