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This content was written for Emeka Nnaka Find the Best School Assembly Speaker Surround yourself with Greatness To find the best school assembly speaker, you must surround yourself with great people; they will lead you to that person. Emeka Nnaka is considered one of the best motivational speakers of this young generation. Emeka started his public speaking career in 2014 and has spoken well over 500 times to schools, corporations, small businesses, and non-profits. Emeka quickly rose to the top as a national speaker because he continually surrounded himself with great people. Greatness comes through stepping out and getting uncomfortable. It’s about accepting those challenges in life and facing them. It’s about dropping the excuses and listening to the advice of those that have gone before you. Greatness comes through doing things, meeting people, and then doing things with the people that you meet. Emeka’s attitude doesn’t raise the question of “what can you do for me,” he raises the question of “what can I do for you?” Emeka overcame many obstacles in his life because of the people that he had surrounded himself with. His early teenage years brought many obstacles for Emeka. His parents ultimately made the difficult decision to send him to live with extended family in Nigeria for 2 ½ years, in hopes that he would realize the consequences of his choices. He was almost 16 when he returned; things began to get a little better. He managed to stick with high school and graduate. He later moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma to attend a local university. While in school, Emeka was recruited to play semiprofessional football. Emeka has always been a hard worker. If he saw something that he wanted to obtain in life, he would do what it took to get there. He was (and still is) very competitive growing up and it became all the more apparent when he did his part in helping the Oklahoma Thunder to win the 2008 World Championship. Again, Emeka surrounded himself with greatness by surrounding himself with some of the best coaches and players that he had available. Trying to find the best of anything can be difficult if you are not willing to step out and put yourself in the right environment. The same is true for trying to find the best school assembly speaker. It’s time to get out and listen to great speakers like Emeka Nnaka as he talks in intimate detail of how he arrived at this level of greatness. With every high point of the story, there is also a low point. The tides changed drastically for Emeka in the 2009 football season. Emeka’s whole football career ended from a basic tackle, against a team in Arkansas. Emeka’s life was never the same after Emeka broke his neck and become paralyzed from the best down. It was never the same because he had to reinvent who he was. Emeka had to get past the outcome of the accident by letting go of what he used to be and focus on who he could be from that point forward. He did that by dropping the excuses and surrounding himself with greatness. If you want to find the best school assembly speaker, just look up Emeka Nnaka to save yourself the hassle. He is the best in many people’s eyes. To book Emeka, simply call 478-719-8231 today.