Find a School Assembly Speaker | How Adversity Can Better Your Life

There is no better time than now to try and find a school assembly speaker that can meet the needs of your school at the beginning of the school year. Emeka Nnaka is currently available to speak to elementary-12th grade students from all over the country on a wide range of topics. He can customize his speeches to fit the current needs of your school and then apply various life lesson stories and principles that relate to his topic and catch the attention of the students he is speaking to for the whole duration of his talk. Students are typically mesmerized by Emeka’s stories of overcoming adversity. His life has not been an easy uphill climb. He has fallen down hard throughout his lifetime. When you find a school assembly speaker like Emeka Nnaka, you typically don’t give him up very easily. He is essentially a goldmine full of knowledge and experience. Many students benefit from the talks that Emeka gives. Even though his topics can vary, many of them generally come back to the idea that adversity can ultimately better your life if you allow it. When tragedy strikes, it can be all too easy to just pack up your bags and quit. But in order to grow, there are a lot of life lessons in adversity that one must face to become better as a person. Emeka helps students see that adversity can shape the trajectory of their lives in a positive way if they respond to the hardship with a positive attitude and a no quite spirit. Emeka wants others to know that it is okay to feel down and grieve a situation; there must be a turning point where we make the decision to not let it hold us down forever. Hardships are a journey in life that can take long periods of time to heal emotionally. There are sometimes constant reminds of our past that attempt to pull us down, we must remember to remain focused and surrounded with people that build us up and bring encouragement. When Emeka Nnaka broke his neck playing semiprofessional football in 2009, he never imagined that he would be speaking to several thousands of students from across the United States since 2014. Prior to becoming paralyzed, Emeka never imagined that he would representing multiple non-profit organizations or regularly meeting with the mayor of a large city. Prior to his accident, Emeka never imagine himself raising millions of dollars for United Way. Had Emeka not faced a major adversity in his life, there are a lot of big impacts he might not have made. It all comes down to how Emeka ultimately decided to respond 3 years post-accident. If you want to find a school assembly speaker that can help your students to believe in themselves when they face adversity, choose Emeka Nnaka. If you need further proof, just visit his website to see all the many testimonials from people that have heard Emeka Speak. Don’t wait any longer; book him today by calling 478-719-8231.