Find a School Assembly Speaker | Go from Trying to Doing

What makes a school system want to find a school assembly speaker? Why not just pick someone to speak from your own school? Sometimes it’s better off to go with an outside person that is not associated with your school because the students can tend to be more welcoming and receptive of an outside person, than a teacher or administrator from the inside. That is why it is important to find a school assembly speaker like Emeka Nnaka. Emeka became a professional speaker in 2014. He has since spoken to over 500 different groups from various ages and backgrounds. Emeka went through a process of being redefined in the years leading up to him becoming a keynote speaker. There was a period of time where Emeka lived in a state of trying and complaining about his present state at the time. When Emeka finally transformed over to the doing mindset, amazing things began to happen for him. He of course had to work extremely hard to get to where he is today. Emeka has to make a daily choice to lay aside his complaints. Emeka has since earned his bachelor’s in human relations and is currently finishing up his Master’s degree in psychology. All these accomplishments above started as “I’m trying,” but thankfully they took shape and became a regular doing habit for Emeka. Why wait any longer? Find a school assembly speaker that works best for you; make Emeka that guy. Emeka didn’t really start living life until his whole life as he once knew it was stripped away from him. Emeka’s life took a 180 when he became paralyzed after breaking his neck while playing semi professional football for the Oklahoma Thunder. Football was all that Emeka knew; he knew nothing of being a professional paid speaker. He knew nothing of gaining the networks to be named on the board of a nonprofit. It took Emeka close to three years to finally get in the mindset that he can make anything happen in his life. Emeka is not defined by his disability and it does not slow him down at all. Emeka is achieving great things every day because excuses do not rule his life. He has the mindset of a doer that does not quit. Emeka is always willing to try something new when it will better his life. Think of some things that you have tried in your life. Did you simply give up when it became too hard? Did someone tell you that you could not do that because you were not old enough or wise enough? Did you listen to your own mind tell you that you’re not good enough? Whatever the time or reason may be, it is time to become a doer of life. It is time to surround yourself with people like Emeka Nnaka. Emeka has been through the ups and downs and has lived to teach and tell about it. To book Emeka as your next keynote speaker, call his booking department at 478-719-8231.