Find a School Assembly Speaker | A Lesson in Kindness

It is important to find a school assembly speaker before the beginning of the school year in order to kick off a great start to the semester. When you find a school assembly speaker that works well for your school system, it is important to bring them back year after year so that your students establish a strong rapport with a leader they can trust. Emeka Nnaka is a leader that students, parents, teachers, and school administrators can trust. Since 2014, schools, public groups, civic groups, corporations, nonprofits, and many others continue to bring Emeka Nnaka back to the stage. Even though Emeka is a national speaker with a full schedule, he never passes up an opportunity for a lesson in kindness. If someone were to follow Emeka around town, they would begin to notice that he truly is everything that he speaks about to others. He is a man of his words. If Emeka sees someone in need, it is not uncommon for him to stop his van right where it’s at on the road. He has met all sorts of needs around the community that have gone unnoticed. Emeka is a man that brings hope back to the men and women that surround him. It cost Emeka a lot to reach this point in his life. It was 2009 when Emeka Nnaka was paralyzed from the chest down due to an accident while playing semi professional football for the Oklahoma Thunder. The first couple of years were the hardest for Emeka. It was a time in his life where he was constantly being refined and redefined. He questioned who he was in life. As he slowly gained back some mobility of his arms and hands, Emeka gradually became more independent. It’s a two way street for Emeka, he has to rely on the kindness of others on a 24/7 365 basis in some shape or form. For the past several years he has been relying on the kindness of his father every single day to help get him ready for the day. It is truly a humbling story of humility and unconditional fatherly love. They are a team that knows the routine very well. They do what they have to do it make life work with as little kinks as possible. Emeka lives his life in the same way, if he sees a need that he can meet, he meets it. He does it without complaining because he sees the greater value of the situation. It is more than just handing out water or food; it’s about handing out glimpses of hope and love. So, when you are in the process to find a school assembly speaker, strongly consider Emeka Nnaka as your top pick. Emeka is a speaker that students, parents, teachers, and administration want back on at least a semiannual basis. If you would like to book Emeka as your next school assemblies speaker, pick up the phone and call 478-719-8231.