Find a School Assembly Speaker | Make Bear Moves

If you want to learn how to make big bear moves in life, then find a school assembly speaker like Emeka Nnaka. There is only one true Emeka Nnaka in this world. He stands tall like a bear at a stunning 6 foot 5 inches tall. Emeka is as brave and fierce as a bear, sometimes staying up late and getting up early to take on new challenges in order to survive. He is like a bear in that he sees his long term goal and is willing to wait for it as he slowly inches closer and closer to it, and then when the time is right, he jumps on it hard, not letting anything stand in his way to achieve it. There aren’t many things that can scare a bear; Emeka is the bear that scares fear into submission. Emeka takes on challenges that even scare him, but the keynote difference is that he conquers and overcomes anyway. It is times like this that make us significantly stronger than the others and make us standout out amongst the crowds. Emeka made his first huge bear move back in 2007, when he moved to Tulsa to attend Oral Roberts University. His second big move was that of signing on with The Oklahoma Thunder football team in 2008. He played a huge role in helping to win the Oklahoma Thunder world championship of that same year. However, in 2009, Emeka’s entire life came to a standstill when he broke his neck and became paralyzed from the chest down. Although the next few years were extremely tough for Emeka and those close to him, he chose to make bear moves and overcome his feelings of lost hope. Emeka essentially picked himself up and put himself out there as the go-to guy for several organizations in the local community. Since his accident, some of Emeka’s biggest bear moves have been finishing up his bachelor’s degree in Human Relations and coming up on the end of his master’s degree in psychology. It is time to take on the challenge and live like bears. Be so hungry that you are willing to stop at nothing less than your best. It is time to stand up to that in which scares you and face it anyway. If you don’t find a school assembly speaker that works best for you, please make sure to reach out to Emeka Nnaka as your go-to guy. Speakers like Emeka Nnaka don’t come around very often, so don’t wait in booking him because his schedule fills up fast. Even though you are now making crazy bear moves, “don’t wait until later to do what you can do today.” There will be a day in your future that you will look back and see all the progress you have made because you listen to Emeka Nnaka talk about how he made his first defining bear moves in this life. Be that change that the world needs and find a school assembly speaker that sounds like Emeka, looks like Emeka, and is Emeka. Call 478-719-8231 to book Emeka as your next keynote.