Find a School Assembly Speaker | Reborn Through Tragedy

Sometimes it takes a school going through their own tragedy to find a school assembly speaker that is just right for them; timing is everything. Sometimes the speaker finds the school after hearing about some type of tragedy and other times the school finds the speaker after facing a tragedy of their own. Emeka Nnaka has been a professional keynote speaker since 2014. He has reached several thousand students and adults from all over the United States. Even though a lot of Emeka’s contacts come through outside sources, there are also many speaking engagements that Emeka gets because he has worked hard to make cold call after cold call. Emeka has a knack for people that have gone through tragedy. He often finds himself being introduced to people with various disabilities. Many feel comfortable and accepted around Emeka because of his loving and caring heart. It is not uncommon to find Emeka giving someone with a disability a ride to and from an event. Emeka spends countless hours in a gym called “The Center for Individuals with Physical Challenges.” Emeka has become quite the celebrity out there. People are always surrounding him as they converse about life and learn how to improve their lives. There is always some type of positivity being fed to someone through Emeka. Emeka loves people from all walks of life. Emeka graduated from Langston University with a bachelor’s degree in Human Relations and is currently finishing up his master’s degree in Phycology. When you find a school assembly speaker like Emeka Nnaka, you will literally have felt like you just met your next best friend. Emeka makes everyone feel welcome; he makes it a point to ask you direct questions so that he can genuinely get to know you better and remember your name. Emeka connects so well with people because he has been reborn through tragedy. There was a time where Emeka had to refigure out who he was as a person. His tragic journey all began in the summer of 2009. Emeka had just started his second season with the semi professional football team, Oklahoma Thunder. One tackle completely rocked Emeka’s world. Emeka would later find out that he had broken his neck as a result of that tackle and was now paralyzed from the chest down. The first few years were very rough for Emeka. He had essentially lost all hope. He had to rely on other people for almost everything. As a result of this accident, Emeka now has a new outlook on life that has completely rocked the lives of those that hear him and surround him. Emeka’s positive attitude and tremendous wisdom constantly attracts great people that want to become even better; it is bred in Emeka’s blood to seek out those that need his help. Emeka has a heart to serve others and make a difference in as many lives as possible. Emeka could have easily continued down his hopeless path of life, but he consciously decided to face life head on and be reborn through tragedy. Emeka knows what it is like to struggle and see someone struggle; he knows how to best reach others because he was once one of those other people. It is okay to stop your search to find a school assembly speaker. Emeka Nnaka is the speaker you need. Don’t wait, call 478-719-8231 today.