Find a School Assembly Speaker | Transformed by Hope

Is it possible to find a school assembly speaker that hasn’t been transformed by hope? Isn’t the inspiration of hope the very thing that drives us to be inspirational speakers? Is it possible to inspire students to follow after their dreams and push past their adversity, yet at the same time feel hopeless? Emeka Nnaka is an inspirational speaker that has been transformed by hope. Can you imagine a hopeless speaker that was? Even though it was before Emeka Nnaka’s speaking days, there was a time in his life that he felt very hopeless. Emeka is currently studying the concept of hope at the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa and within the following year, he will have earned his Master’s in psychology. Emeka has been instilling hope in the lives of students since 2014; he has spoken well over 500 times to crowds of all ages and backgrounds. Emeka is currently an ambassador for United Way Tulsa, The Center for Individuals with Physical Challenges, and many others. Emeka stands for social activism and believes that everyone should have equal opportunity, access, and treatment. When you find a school assembly speaker that works for your school system, make sure to book him! Do not wait a minute longer because when you do, that person’s schedule ends up filling up and your school will have just missed out on a great opportunity to be completely blown away. Emeka books up fast, so don’t wait, call him today at 478-719-8231. Emeka was in the process of building his hope when he moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma to attend a local University. Emeka’s hope was built even more when he was recruited to play semi professional football for the Oklahoma Thunder. In his first year, he helped bring the team to their first ever World Championship. However, Emeka’s hope was crushed midway through the 2009 season when he broke his neck tackling an opposing player in a game in Arkansas. After Emeka become paralyzed, it took a few years for him to start coming back around to rebuilding his hope. His entire identity was built around football and when that was taken away, Emeka had to refigure out who he was. When Emeka changed his outlook on life, people and organizations began to surround him and he began to respond to his calling as an inspirational speaker. There was nothing easy about Emeka’s journey of overcoming the loss of hope. He had to fight like he had never before. It takes a lot of work to position oneself where Emeka is today. Even though Emeka cannot physically get back up on his own, he has mentally decided that he is going to rise above any adversity and be transformed by hope. When you find a school assembly speaker like Emeka Nnaka, simply pick up your phone and make the call to 478-719-8231. You won’t regret it and can only become better for it.