Find a Speaker for School Assemblies | Say Yes to Growth

Emeka Nnaka makes it an easy process to find a speaker for school assemblies. Since 2014, Emeka has spoken to over 500 groups with crowds of up to 1,000 people. After a couple of really tough years in Emeka’s life, he began saying yes to opportunities of growth. Part of that journey looked like becoming an ambassador for The Center for Individuals with Physical Challenges. That opportunity ultimately led to Emeka getting picked up by the Tulsa Area United Way. Emeka has since spoken over 160 times for United Way and has been one of their leading fundraisers. Emeka didn’t stop growing emotionally or physically after that. He has since graduated with his bachelor’s degree in Human Relations and is currently finishing up his masters in Psychology. His growth didn’t stop there either. Emeka now represents his city as a board member for his local transit system, as well as being a part various nonprofit organizations. The above are just to name a few, to name off the rest would turn into a full length novel. In other words, Emeka is one to say yes to opportunities for growth. He faces a challenge head on and does not shy one bit. He takes on opportunities that have the potential to thrust him to the next level. Even though there have been times in the past where Emeka hasn’t wanted to push on any further, he did it anyway. If you ever find a speaker for school assemblies that is as kind, compassionate, and ready to say yes to opportunities for growth as Emeka is, make sure you remain in close contact with that person because people like Emeka Nnaka don’t come around very often. There was a time in Emeka’s life where he didn’t want to say yes to an opportunity for growth; that time was 2009. Emeka was in his second season of playing football for The Oklahoma Thunder, a semi professional football team. In the blink of an eye, Emeka’s whole life changed when he made a tackle that ultimately broke his neck and left him paralyzed from the chest down. Over the next few years, Emeka fought with himself to hold onto his hope and somehow find his true, new identity. Even though Emeka didn’t have football anymore in a physical sense, he ultimately decided to choose hope and push on no matter what. He ultimately surrounded himself with truly amazing people that helped carry him along the way, and in return, he continues to do so with nearly everyone he encounters. Our challenge to our readers is to live up to the challenge and say yes to opportunities for growth. As Emeka Nnaka recently said, “Never feel guilty for saying yes to an opportunity for growth.”It’s plain and simple; find a speaker for school assemblies that are consistent and ready to face life head on. To book Emeka as your next school assembly’s speaker, pick up the phone today and call him at 478-719-8231.