Find a Top School Assembly Speaker | Hope and Determination

Teachers, principals, and school administrators every word you’re looking to find a top school assembly Speaker like Emeka Nnaka. His way of connecting to students and motivating them to be better is one that separates him from other speakers. He brings a unique life experiences and message that touches students hearts. Can’t go wrong when you bring in a guy like Emeka Nnaka to address your students. Emeka was a star football player for a semi pro team based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. He had his dreams and goals ahead of him before the crippling neck injury cut his career short. He was left a quadriplegic and face a decision to give up Or fight. Emeka chose the latter. In doing so he was able to complete his undergrad from Langston University in Oklahoma and is currently pursuing his Masters degree at the University of Oklahoma. He is a role model for all students. His story will motivate students of all ages. He teaches students are used a mess to make a masterpiece in his life and He can do the same for your student body. Give him a call today at 478–719–8231. Emeka has a passion for young people at his work differentiates him from the average speaker. When looking to find a top school assembly Speaker, you need someone like Emeka Nnaka, who is willing and ready to get involved in your students lives to improve them for the better. Your students are one decision away from living a totally different life. That decision could be yours to bring in Emeka Nnaka. He can reach your students and affect change in your student body. This guy is the real deal. It’s often said that people don’t care about how much you know until they know about how much you care and Emeka is a guy that cares. Emeka speaks directly to the heart of what matters to your students. He understands struggle in adversity and is able to relieve his unique life experiences to the every day experiences of your students. Your students will thank you for years for bringing in Emeka to address them. When Emeka speaks, you can hear a pin drop in the road and people from the front to the back or leaning in just to hear every word that he has to share. Your students are in for a treat when you bring Emeka Nnaka in. You will not find a top school assembly Speaker like Emeka Nnaka. He brings so much to the table when it comes to motivating and inspiring students to be the best of themselves. His message of hope and determination if she were to resonate with your students. And speaking style makes them feel like they’re the only ones in the room. His passion to see young people when is what drives him to the level that he is at now. Your students will feel his passion from their seats. To bring Emeka in, call him and his team at 478-719-8231 or visit