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As a teacher, principal, or school administrator, there are plenty of reasons why you want to find a top school assembly Speaker for your next event. Emeka Nnaka is a motivational speaker that is sure to leave an eNormous impact on your student body. It’s powerful story of overcoming extreme adversity is one that will resonate with your students and be memorable for the rest of their lives. Emeka is filling up the schedule now so give him a call today to book him for your next school event. Emeka Nnaka was a semi professional athlete before a career ending neck injury left him a quadriplegic. That is enough to crush any man, but Emeka is no ordinary man. Through his struggles he found strength and it is that string that makes him the guy for your next event. You will not find a top school assembly Speaker with as much resolved, grit, and wisdom as Emeka. He is able to come in and light up your student body. With his encouraging words, your students are in for a treat. They will thank you for ever for booking Emeka to come and address them. Emeka has a deep passion for impacting the young people of the world. He understands that our future is built by the youth. He wants young people to build good habits that will ultimately lead them to better adulthood. Emeka considers himself a mentor to all the students that he is able to come in contact with. What sets them apart from others because of that he actually cares about the student that you speak into. The bond that he creates Lasts long after the presentation. Emeka believes in the greatness that is within each and everyone of your students. Book him today so he can help draw it out.Most students find speakers to be boring. With Emeka Nnaka that is not the case. Students are engaged from the beginning of his presentation to the very end. Students are hanging on to every word from the front room to the very back. Emeka uses great illustrations and stories to interact with the audience and keep them engaged. He makes his message easy to listen to and digest. You will not find a top school assembly Speaker better than Emeka Nnaka. Your students will not regret it if you bring him in. So do your school a favor and give him a call today! Emeka Nnaka is the guy that you been looking for if you’re in the market to find a top school assembly Speaker. There is no other speaker like Emeka that Kim captivate an audience and hold you attention of your student body. His unique story is sure to inspire everyone that hears it.For your next event, get in contact with Emeka Nnaka so that he can motivate your students to take the next step in their lives. He has a way of communicating to young people to help them identify their strengths to move their lives for. Call Emeka today at 478-719-8231 or visit