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Your search to find a top school assembly Speaker goes no further than that. He’s a motivational speaker with years of experience speaking to young people across the nation. Did you need communication style makes them the top guy to bring in to address your students. He has an incredible story that is sure to inspire your entire student body. Book Emeka Nnaka today. As a young boy, Emeka had a passion for sports and that passion let him to be a part of a semi professional football team in the state of Oklahoma. As a leader on the team Emeka was fortunate to win a championship in 2008 and was on his way to another in 2009 until tragedy struck. While making a taco, Emeka broke his neck and stuff for the spinal cord injury The Lift and Parra watching the shows though. The faith in the most extreme circumstances Emeka chose not to give up on his life. He has used his story of perseverance to inspire students everywhere.Emeka Nnaka is extremely driven to make a positive difference in the lives of young people. As a young boy growing up, Emeka wishes he had more role models to instill in them discipline and other qualities. Emeka strive to be that person for the young people of today. Your student body will continually thank you for bringing in a person like Emeka to speak into their lives. Emeka has a heart for your students and wishes to be a difference maker in their life. You were not going to find a top school assembly Speaker like Emeka Nnaka. He is the right guy for your students.Emeka delivers a compelling story with tangible lessons that your students will be able to apply directly to their everyday life. Through his storytelling, illustrations, And dynamic communication style, your students will be hanging on to every word.Emeka Nnaka is the type of speaker that will hold the attention of your students from beginning to the end. Everyone on the back row will be thoroughly engaged. Today is the day! If you are a school teacher, principal, or school administrator, you will not find a top school assembly Speaker like Emeka nnaka. He brings a real change from a real person perspective to your students. His incredible story short it touch the hearts of the kids in your school. He will speak directly to the issues that your students face every day. Call Emeka and his team 478-719-8231 Or visit