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Find The Best School Assembly Speaker |The Best of the Best

A school can often go through several people to find the best school assembly speaker. As an administrator or teacher, where are you looking to find the best school assembly speaker? Are you relying on your students to recommend someone from their church or local community group? Are you searching YouTube to find the best school assembly speaker? Do you look up Facebook pages or websites? However you go about searching for your next school assembly speaker, it is important to find the best of the best. The best looks like Emeka Nnaka. He has obtained major credibility from schools, churches, local community groups, small businesses, large corporations, top city and government officials, major news networks and publications, and the list goes on. Not only does Emeka have the face to face credibility, Emeka has the top notch website, he’s been featured in several online publications, he has produced several high quality videos, and he has the established social media presence. Emeka Nnaka is a name that will not be forgotten. When Emeka speaks, the walls fall down. His voice is powerful and moves his audiences. It’s important that you find your way to Emeka Nnaka. Don’t waste anymore of your time. Stop whatever you are doing and book Emeka right now by calling 478-719-8231. His speaking schedule is filling up fast!

Emeka Nnaka is the best of the best because he carries life experience stories that cost him everything, yet he was resilient and continued to push on and help others to do the same thing. Emeka uses no excuse or label to his advantage. In fact, Emeka lives beyond labels! It was 2009 and he was only 21 when his life completely changed. He was a standout college football recruit and playing semi-professional football in his second season when his life came to a standstill. He was running down the field to make a tackle on a kickoff return whenever he made his last career tackle. Emeka fell to the ground and was unable to get back up. He had just broken his neck at two levels which ultimately lead to him becoming a quadriplegic. Even though Emeka cannot use his legs and has limited use of his arms and hands, he is far from being “paralyzed”. Emeka’s positive attitude, mental determination, and physical stamina have carried him farther than many “abled bodied” man or woman.

Emeka Nnaka is the best of the best because he is determined to find the best in anyone that he comes across. Emeka is the best speaker because he has the life story to back it. Emeka is the best of the best because people are his passion. Finally, he is the best of the best because he has a no-quit attitude that is infectious to all that he hangs around. It’s time to stop searching for any other speaker and simply pick up the phone and book Emeka Nnaka today by calling478-719-8231 or visiting his website at