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Find The Best School Assembly Speaker |Changes Comes Through Taking Action

When did your school last take action to try and find the best school assembly speaker? Nothing against your school at all, but are you the type of administrator that just settled for the easy way out? You know, you waiting until the last minute and you quickly searched to see if anyone at the school would be kind enough to volunteer their time and fear to speak? Did no one step up to the plate and you end up having to prepare a speech last minute after you had spoken too soon and promised your students and parents an amazing speaker that you never really had? Don’t wait until the last minute to find the best school assembly speaker, take action now and hire Emeka Nnaka as your go to keynote speaker. Emeka loves people, particularly students young and old. He loves to see lives changed at a young age because he understands the challenges children face these days. The younger a child understands what their capable of and the fact that they can take action at any age, the more potential for growth they have.

Emeka Nnaka knows what it takes to grow past some of the toughest times. Emeka knows from experience that change takes action. Emeka faced the toughest of changes at the age of 21. In just his second season of semi-pro football, Emeka had sustained a life altering injury that unfortunately removed the option of ever playing football again. Emeka was an experienced and highly sought after defensive end that broke his neck in multiple places after a kickoff return tackle went bad.

Even though Emeka is paralyzed from the neck down and he relies on a powered wheel chair get him from point A to point B, he does not let it define who he is as a person. Emeka has taken significant action to become a powerhouse assembly speaker by taking the necessary action to become the best. Emeka goes that extra degree to be the difference maker that people need. Emeka encourages others to take action by dropping the excuses and continuing to push on. Emeka doesn’t take the easy way out, even though it may be the convenient way out. Emeka is all about working hard now, so that he can play hard later. This is the same attitude that he desires to share with your students.

Don’t let waiting until the last minute be what causes you to miss out on booking Emeka Nnaka today. Just as Emeka has continued to become excellent at all that he sets his mind and time to, you too can do the same today. Don’t wait another minute to book one of the best school assembly speakers to date. Why wait another minute? Don’t hesitate a single second if you think that you even remotely like what you see from Emeka Nnaka.  To contact and book Emeka as your next school speaker, check out his website at www.EmekaNneka .com or call him at 478-719-8231.