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This content was written for Emeka Nnaka.

Just search to find the best school assembly speaker can be a daunting task if you are a school teacher, principal or administrator. Buckley, if you are reading this, that means you’ve stumbled across the name Emeka Nnaka. Emeka is a motivational speaker that has been inspiring young people around the nation. He has an awe-inspiring story and his dynamic communication skills allow him to make it relatable to any crowd. Emeka is definitely the right person to present at your next school assembly.

Emeka Nnaka was a player for the championship semi professional football team in Oklahoma before a devastating neck injury left him paralyzed from his chest down. He went from talented athlete to quadriplegic in the blink of an eye. After his time spent in therapy, Emeka found himself in a dark place. Uncertain of this future and fearful of his present, he decided that we are he was in his life was not where he wanted to be and that it was within his power to change it. Emeka set out to create a culture of hope around him. He understood that just a little bit of hope could change his life and how he approached it. Emeka had dreams of being something more than just a former athlete and so he enrolled in school. Emeka has since graduated with his undergrad degree and is now pursuing his masters in human relations. If you want to find the best school assembly speaker, look for the one that can inspire your students to pursue an education no matter what life throws at them. Emeka is a speaker that values education.

Emeka has always had a way of connecting with young people. From his days of serving at a local youth group, Emeka has always found ways to reach students where they are at in life. During that time, he mentored hundred of young people. He saw them where they were at and worked together with them to get them where they wanted to be. He inspired his students to develop their own cultures of hope and to not let adversity stop them in their tracks.

If you are going to find the best school assembly Speaker, you got to find a person that is able to captivate your audience. Emeka Nnaka does just that. With his dynamic communication style, he is capable of holding the attention of the audience from beginning to end. Students from the front to the back or in tune and attentive. Emeka hits the stage. Bring Emeka in to your school today to help them cultivate a culture of hope in their own lives .

Emeka Nnaka is the guy you want for your next school assembly. He is a motivational and inspirational speaker that has overcome challenges that few have had to face. His compelling story of overcoming adversity is sure to inspire your entire student body. As someone that values education, he instills importance knowledge and personal development. Emeka’s calendar is filling up fast so book him today by calling 4787-1982314 visit his website

Find the Best School Assembly Speaker | Look Beyond Labels

This content was written for Emeka Nnaka.

Looking to find the best school assembly Speaker goes beyond what you see but is also about what you feel. Many speakers can talk a big game but how many speakers can leave a room of students feeling empowered and ready to change their lives? Emeka Nnaka is this motivational speaker that does just that. It is one thing to hear Emeka speak, but it is another thing to feel the passion in which he delivers his message. His words, his passion for students, and his zeal for life will inspire your students to take action in their lives.

For time in a make his life, he was the typical athlete. He stood 6 foot five and was a monster of a man. Anywhere he went people looked up to him and acknowledged his strength of stature. While playing in the semi professional football game, Emeka broke his neck and suffered a spinal cord injury the left him paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. As a person with a disability, the world now viewed him very differently to what he was used to. People now saw a person in a wheelchair and Emeka felt the weight of this new world he was a part of. Emeka made a decision that he was more than just a wheelchair user and set out to break down barriers and stereotypes associated with disability. In doing so, he realize that they were many barriers to break down in society. He began to inspire people to look beyond the labels that they may have been putting on people. He speaks to individuals and groups that people are more than their circumstances.

Emeka has a passion for young people and realizes that they are the foundation of our future. With the work that he’s done with you over the years, he has noticed that students tend to look at the differences between each other. Emeka has set out to help people see the things that unite us versus those that divide us. We as individuals are not defined by our circumstances and Emeka is the perfect person to deliver that message. Students need a role model that can show them that life is not meant to be lived alone. Emeka has learned life-giving lessons through the most extreme of circumstances but is dedicated to sharing those lessons with the masses.

Emeka has a unique ability to connect to young people in a way that makes the message that he is delivering easy to digest. His metaphors or timely and make sense. His message is very relevant to what your students are facing in their every day life. Emeka keeps his audiences engaged by speaking to exactly where they are in life. Even the student on the very back row will be hanging on to every word. Emeka is dynamic and should be the next person to address your student body.

Emeka Nnaka specializes in human relations and can’t wait to create a massive impact in your school. Your search to find the Best School Assembly Speaker stops here at Emeka. His powerful story of overcoming and connection is sure to inspire change in a multitude of areas in life. Give Emeka and his team a call today at 478-719-8231 or visit