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Find The Best School Assembly Speaker |Maximizing Your Students Potential

If you love your students and value the opportunity to maximize their potential, then you will find the best school assembly speaker for them. Do you wait to the last minute to find a speaker or are you the administrator that does their due diligence and takes their time? Emeka Nnaka is an influential speaker that has credibility from people of all ages and backgrounds. Emeka will maximize your student’s potential by helping them to see that they have what it takes to face anything that comes their way. Emeka helps them to see that they have value in their life and that they do influence others. He will help your students see that they do make an impact in their daily lives. People of all ages sit in silence when Emeka speaks. His voice can carry to the back of any auditorium and can bring chills over the audience. People also stand and cheer when they hear his emotional story of overcoming the greatest of hardships.

The opportunity to speak to people energizes Emeka because he has a passion to see the lives of the young and old alike transformed. Why are you trying to find the best school assembly speaker anyway? Is there a specific issue your school is facing? Whatever it may be, Emeka can mold any of his speeches to fit your schools situation. Emeka Nnaka knows what it means to maximize potential; he knows what hard work looks like. He knows what it means to be in pain and not want to do anything, but does it anyway.

Emeka was a standout semi-professional football star for 2 seasons, from 2008-2009 for an Oklahoma team. He had worked his way to the top of his game and was being recruited by top colleges and universities as a defensive end. Emeka was no doubt on his way to playing in the NFL. The tides changed completely for Emeka in the second season of his semi-pro football career in a game in Arkansas. All it took was one tackle gone wrong. CRACK! Emeka fell to the ground after making one of the biggest hits of his career; he never got back up. Emeka had just broken his neck at the C-5 and C-6 levels and was now paralyzed from the neck down. Nine hours of surgery later, Emeka was now in immense pain and confined by a cage to support his neck and head.

Though Emeka never played football again and is no longer able to walk, he took all the steps necessary to maximize his potential and rise to the top of the life Emeka had left. He now speaks to students and adults across the United States by sharing his story of overcoming the greatest of odds and helping others to see that where there is a desire and plan of action, change is possible. No matter the circumstances, opportunity still rests right in front of us, we just simply have to take hold of it and move forward.  Stop trying to find the best school assembly speaker; you have found him already! Choose Emeka today and make him the top choice for your school by calling 478-719-8231 today.