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Find the Best School Assembly Speaker | Mentor, Life Coach, and All-Time Favorite Motivator

How long did it take you to find the best school assembly speaker that actually checked out to be all that they cracked out to be? A few months? A couple weeks? A day? Did you tirelessly search the internet hours upon hours looking for someone that looked the role and had good reviews? If you are looking to find the best school assembly speaker, search no more. More than likely, Emeka Nnaka pulled up as the top search on page one of Google. Emeka has been speaking professionally for several years now and has spoken to and motivated several thousand students across the Midwest. His message of hope and overcoming the toughest of trials has reached not only the students that attended his talks, but also the teachers and parents that were there. Emeka Nnaka is also a mentor to youth in one of the largest churches in Oklahoma. He has dedicated his life work to motivating people to take action and better their lives through his life-altering coaching program. Emeka has become one of the all-time favorite school assembly motivators across the United States through his many talks at schools and his videos online. Don’t waste any more time trying to find the best school assembly speaker, simply click on Emeka Nnaka’s website, and book him today. His slots are filling up fast for the coming school year, so don’t wait another second, act now!

What makes Emeka Nnaka the best of the best aside from the many amazing reviews online? What makes Emeka Nnaka the best of the best aside from his no quit attitude and his 110% dedication? Emeka is the best of the best because he not only makes people his passion; he has the story to back every word that he speaks. When Emeka was just 21 years old he was at the top of his game as a semi-professional athlete for an Oklahoma football team. His dedication and hard work had gained him significant notoriety from top college football teams as a standout defensive end. He was no doubt on his way to becoming the NFL’s next top draft pick in the coming years. Emeka feared nothing and hard work was all that he knew. The word “excuse” was nothing but that, an excuse; there was always a way in Emeka’s mind.

Emeka’s life quickly changed in the blink of an eye. All it took was one tackle to completely rock his world and the world of those that surrounded him; it was a tackle he had performed hundreds of times before.  One tackle broke Emeka’s neck and paralyzed him from the neck down. Even though Emeka’s life has completely changed, he never let it stop him. It’s time to let Emeka show your students what it means to never give up and push past adversity. This all-time favorite school motivator will rock your life, as well as the lives of your students. Wait no more, book Emeka Nnaka today by calling478-719-8231.