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Find the Best School Assembly Speaker |There Are No Insignificant Impacts

Have you ever felt as though you have never really made much of an impact on your school after spending countless hours trying to find the best school assembly speaker? Have you ever thought to yourself, “is my work really paying off?” Think about the all the hours you spent recently trying to find the best school assembly speaker?” How did it feel when the speaker you found didn’t live up to everything that you had hoped for? Don’t be so quick to write off all your hard work as a loss. Did you tell other co-workers or students about the speakers you were looking into? Maybe you encouraged them to listen to the various speakers to see what they are all about?  Maybe your attempt to find the best school assembly speaker encouraged one of your students or teachers to look up Emeka Nnaka? If it did, consider yourself awesome because the simple step of searching for speakers will turn into a huge impact on the lives of your students and teachers when they hear Emeka Nnaka speak.

Emeka helps everyone that he talks to, see that each one of you can make a huge impact on someone’s life, no matter how small it may seem.  Once your students realize how much power they have to impact another student’s life, monumental change truly can take place. Emeka knows how important it is to pay attention to the small impacts and large ones for that matter. At the young age of 21, Emeka’s whole life came tumbling down. Emeka was at the height of his game as a top defensive end for an Oklahoma semi-professional football team. All it took was one tackle to paralyze Emeka from the neck down. Emeka spent months upon months working to regain minimal use of his arms and hands. He simply could have given up within the first few months of his accident and surgery, but many people surrounded him with love and compassion, to create many small impacts that ultimately lead to a huge impact of being able to share his life story as a professional inspirational speaker. Every person that Emeka encountered over the years played a huge role in his success as a professional speaker. Emeka has taken this same attitude to the schools to help students see that every encounter that they have with another student can ultimately play a big role in the life transformation of another student somewhere down the road of life.  

Take a chance and speak up. Make a suggestion or give a bit of encouragement. Never think for a minute that your little tid-bit of time won’t make a difference. Speak up and tell someone about the inspirational speaker named Emeka Nnaka. Your students and teachers need to hear Emeka’s message of hope and overcoming all odds. They need to hear about Emeka’s message of identity, influence, and impact. Your work will truly pay off and make a huge impact when you call Emeka and book him as your next assembly speaker. Pick up the phone and dial 478-719-8231 today.