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Find the Best School Assembly Speaker | A Speaker That Teaches Students How to Live Life to its Fullest

Have you ever just sat down and searched the internet to try and find the best school assembly speaker in your town, but continued to get stuck because that speaker didn’t have enough content available for you to simply justify picking someone you didn’t know? Have you ever trusted a friend that said they had a friend that did some public speaking but they ended up being a flop? When you decide to go with Emeka Nnaka as your next assembly school speaker, you won’t have any of those problems. Emeka has a proven track record throughout the local community and across the Midwestern United States. Emeka Nnaka has been inspiring students of all ages since 2009 and has spoken to a wide variety of groups that range from school assemblies, local clubs, churches, foundations, businesses, and large cooperation’s.  Emeka’s content has been viewed online by people all over the world and he has spoken nearly 1,000 times since he began his journey back in 2009.

As a school administrator, it is important to find the best school assembly speaker available and then stick with them for the long-term. Emeka is a speaker that teaches students how to live life to its fullest by making the decision to take action even when they don’t feel like it. His messages of hope, determination, and pushing past the hardest of times have touched countless lives over the years of his public speaking career.

Emeka knows the true meaning of living life to the fullest because Emeka nearly saw his life taken when he was a semi-professional football player for an Oklahoma team when he was only 21 years old. Emeka went in for a tackle that he had performed many times before and tragically broke his neck and became paralyzed from the neck down. Even though Emeka’s life completely changed in that moment he never stopped moving forward and bettering his life. Emeka’s momentum has only grown stronger and more passionate since his accident. People are his passion and he whole heartedly desires to see the lives of young people completely changed by helping them to see that they have what it takes to rise up and live past any challenge they may face. He helps people of all ages see that they have the potential inside of them to make things happen when they let go of the excuses that hold them back.

It’s time to end your search when it comes to trying to find the best school assembly speaker. Make Emeka Nnaka your first choice and ongoing choice year after year. Emeka knows what tough life looks like and he will help your students to believe that they have what it takes to completely alter their lives from here on out. Book Emeka Nnaka today by visiting his website or calling  478-719-8231 to speak to a representative right now.