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What comes to mind when you are on the search to find the best school assembly speaker in the United States? Is it a proven track record? Is it about the lifestyle they live? Is it their past reviews or online content? Do you check out their website or communicate with other school administrators? However you go about searching to find the best school assembly speaker, you will find all that and more from Emeka Nnaka.

Emeka has the powerful voice that can carry all the way to the back of the auditorium or to the top steps of a stadium. When Emeka speaks, students, teachers, and parents listen. Emeka’s powerful stories quickly grab your attention and can even bring a tear to your eyes. Emeka knows pain. He knows hardships. Emeka knows hard work and the feeling of having everything completely ripped away. Emeka had to rediscover who he was as a person, back in 2009. He discovered that he had a story to tell and a mission to accomplish. He realized that he had a responsibility to share how he could help others see that they too can make it through anything that they faced in life.

If Emeka had his life to do all over again, he wouldn’t change a thing that happened to him as a semi-pro football player back in 2009. At the age of 21, Emeka’s entire life flashed before him as he ran down the football field and made a tackle that he had made a hundred times before. One hit was all it took to break two of Emeka’s vertebrae in his neck. Emeka had to relearn who he was. Emeka discovered that he had the powerful gift of speaking and a passion for people. Emeka has since used his voice to touch the hearts of students, teachers, administrators, and school officials in a wide variety of locations. Whatever issues your school is facing, Emeka has a unique way of connecting to a wide age group of students and adults alike. His unique approach to identity, influence, and impact will rock your schools world.  Emeka brings a message of hope that hushes the audience in an instance, yet also brings great cheering just as fast.

If you have found yourself searching to find the best school assembly speaker, look no more. Consider your search over from here on out. Emeka Nnaka is the speaker that you will find yourself inviting back year after year. Wait no longer and book Emeka today by visiting his world class website and then clicking on “Contact” at the top of the webpage. Now that you have selected your “forever speaker,”( at least until you retire) you can finally relax on all your school breaks and rest assured that you just made one of the best decisions that your students will ever benefit from. Just think about how neat it will be for Emeka to come back year after year and be able to see your students grow up and become so excited that Emeka will get to be back yet again and again. Your life won’t ever be the same after you hear Emeka Nnaka speak.