Find a School Assembly Speaker | Chasing Greatness

This content was written for Emeka Nnaka.

If this year is going to be a different year for your students, you need to find a school assembly Speaker that is able to come in and motivate them to excel at life and achieve greatness. Emeka Nnaka is a motivational speaker that has been inspiring kids and young people to view their lives in respect to the greatness that is upon them. Emeka brings with him, a unique perspective on life as someone that has overcome an extreme amount of circumstances.

At one point in Emeka Nnaka’s , Everything seem to be going well. We had begin playing football for a semi professional team in Oklahoma, was in school, and had a girlfriend. Life was great. Everything changed when he broke his neck on a football field and was paralyzed from his chest down. In the aftermath of his injury, it seems like his life is over. After some months of intensive rehabilitation, Emeka found himself in a place of darkness. He had no future and no present. Then he began to serve for a local youth group. He began to volunteer his time and speak into the lives of young people. It was then that he realize that he still had greatness in him. Through a struggle and through his pain, there was still greatness to be had. He began to serve the community that he lived, and invest in himself by going back to school. He graduated with his undergrad degree from Langston University and is now pursuing his Masters degree at the University of Oklahoma. Emeka believes that greatness is inside of each and everyone of us. It is our job to dig and find it.

If you’re looking to find a school assembly Speaker that believes in the potential of your students, Emeka Nnaka is the guy. He has a passion for helping kids and young adults discover their passions and actively pursue them. He has dedicated his life to serving students and future leaders across the nation. Your students are in for a treat when Emeka comes to visit. His love for them can be felt as soon as he arrives on campus. Emeka has a genuine care for the struggles of your students and is ready to meet them where they are at in life.

Emeka brings with him a unique set of skills that allows him to connect to his audience. He has a dynamic personality that allows him to release his story to the every day struggles of your students. Everyone from the front to the back will be engaged in his presentation and will be hanging on to his every word. Emeka makes his message digestible by using colorful stories, illustrations, and images from his life experience. He is a Joy to hear from you can’t wait to come to your school.

You won’t find a school assembly Speaker that is better suited to posit to your students been in the connector. His life experiences and his unique communication style make him uniquely qualified for your group. He is ready to come see your students today so give him and his team a call at 478-719-8231.

Find a School Assembly Speaker | A Vision For the Future

This content was written for Emeka Nnaka.

The search is on to find a school assembly Speaker looking captivate your student body and reach them where they’re at in their life. Naked engaged in the way the most speakers can’t. Not only does it make you happy great style of communication, but he also has an incredible story of perseverance and resilience. If you are a school administrator deciding on what programs to have in your school this year, you will not go wrong with what you been Emeka Nnaka.

As a young boy, Emeka Nnaka game of checkers. It was one of his favorite past times to play with his siblings. He relished in making one move up to the next to dominate his opponents. One day he was introduced to the game of chess. Being a master of checkers, Emeka thought this would be the same. He quickly realize that he was in over his head. Loss after loss with teacher that he couldn’t make the same moves that he didn’t checkers. In the game of chess, you have to think three steps ahead. You have to have a vision. The same is in life. You need to realize that in his life that to move forward, he would have to have vision. After a devastating neck injury left him paralyzed from the chest down, Emeka was in a place where all he could see where the circumstances in front of him. You realize that if you wanted to move his life forward, he would have to have vision to see beyond what was just in front of him. He had to take three steps ahead of his current place in life. Emeka went back to school because he knew the education was a way to create his future. Emeka’s life is been a testament to the power of vision of creating the future that you want tomorrow, today.

You won’t find a school assembly Speaker with the more powerful message that Emeka Nnaka. Someone who has been to the bottom and it’s for his way back, Emeka is still in the students the power of perspective in their lives. Emeka cares about the people that he speaks to because he realizes that any moment can change our lives forever. He has been involved in serving kids in yoga dogs for a majority of his life. As much as he loves kids and young adults, they love him even more. He has a unique way of connecting to them.

Meet is the name of speaking style and has experience working with young people make him supremely qualified to present our your next school event. Who uses humor to draw his audience and then connects them with his powerful message of hope and determination. He is fun to listen to and is engaging in his presentations. Students from the front row to the back row will be on the edge of their seats.

If you are a principal, schoolteacher, or administrator, you won’t find a School assembly Speaker more qualified than Emeka Nnaka. He is ready to come to present to your school. He cares about your students and wants to get to know them where they are at. Give Emeka and his team a call today at 478-719-8231 one visit his website site at