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If you want this school year to be the best school year that your students of ever had, be sure to find a school assembly speaker that can create high-impact presentations for your students. Emeka Nnaka is the guy. He is a motivational speaker that has been having a tremendous impact on the lives of kids and young people. Emeka brings an incredible story that is inspiring to everyone. Give Emeka a call today at 478-719-8231.

Emeka Nnaka was a talented athlete for the Oklahoma thunder, a semi professional football team. Into thousand eight, Emeka won the championship and was ready to repeat. Into thousand nine a freak accident on the football field derailed his career and his life. In a game, Emeka broke his neck, so for the spinal cord injury, and was paralyzed from the chest down. Now confined to a wheelchair, Emeka had to navigate life through a whole new lenses. Emeka choose not to give up on his life and he fought for better days. He ultimately ended up finishing school, and going back for his masters in human relations. Emeka also serve this community by working with the Tulsa area United Way and was instrumental in raising millions of dollars for the community. Emeka Nnaka is not only a difference maker for his community, but he is a difference maker for your school. His life is a testament to what can be accomplished if you choose not to give up. He wants to inspire your students to not give up on their lives.

Emeka Nnaka is a passionate mentor, friend, and leader of students. Stupid son of a stall spot in his heart because he realizes the future of the world is created in the minds of our students today. He strives to be an instrumental part of shaping the future by being the best mentor and leader that he can be. Your search to find a school assembly Speaker that can create impact ends with Emeka Nnaka. He has all of the requisite skills to make a difference at your school.

Along with Emeka’s powerful story, he has a unique communication style that brings his audiences attention to what he is saying. He uses illustrative interactions to engage with his audience and is able to relate his experiences to the struggles that your students face every day. When on stage, everything that he says is the main points. Your students will be taking notes from the start of his presentation to the end of his presentation. His communication skills are rivaled by no one. He is the best school assembly Speaker and is ready to come and see your school.

Emeka Nnaka is a motivational speaker that has been making a difference in schools across the nation. You won’t find a school assembly Speaker that is more qualified to present at your next event. Give Emeka Nnaka and his team a call at 478-719-8231 Or visit

Find a School Assembly Speaker | Take the Stairs

This content was written Emeka Nnaka.

In the search to find a school assembly Speaker to bring in and captivate your student body, a couple of questions must be answered. Are they inspiring? Will your students listen to them? Can they motivate your students in a positive manner? If you answered yes to any of those, then Emeka Nnaka is a guy that you should call. He’s a motivational speaker in youth advisor that has been captivated audience is crossed they should. He brings with him a unique story and powerful perspective on life that is inspiring to all who hear.

As a rising star on a semiprofessional football team, emeka understood what it was like to work hard and get results. As you can on your scale on the football field, do you hammer away at the move after move to be a better player on game day. Nothing was given everything was Earned. Emeka found himself in a world of hurt when during the play, he broke his neck and was paralyzed from the chest down. And the aftermath of his injury is world was completely upside down. Life was very different than the life he was used to living. He faced a hard days moving forward. What are you decided that his life was worth fighting for, he realize that there was no easy way to success. There was no elevator to the good life. He had to take the stairs and work hard for everything that he wanted for his life.

On the journey to rebuilding his life, everything started with serving the kids and young people of his community. He volunteered at a church and led small groups for five years. In doing so, he was a critical part of mentoring hundreds of students during that time. You won’t find a school assembly Speaker with the experience in dealing with issues the young people are facing today. Kids and young adults really respond to what Emeka has to say. He is a friend and mentor to all that he meets.

Emeka Nnaka is an experience speaker with a way of communicating that makes listening to him pleasurable. He has great stories and uses his humor to relate to his audience. By interacting with his audience, Emeka is able to keep them engaged from beginning to the end of his presentation. Everyone from the front road to the very back row will be awake and attentive to what is going on. Emeka speaks with a passion because he knows how much of a difference his words to make. He continues to inspire students to live their lives on purpose with purpose.

Emeka is a motivational speaker that has the requisite skills to present at your next event. If you are going to find a school assembly Speaker with all of the skills that can move your audience, Emeka is the person. He is working on his calendar to give him and his team a call today at 4787 198231 or visit his website a