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Find a School Assembly Speaker | What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

How do you find a school assembly speaker when your school has never brought in a school assembly speaker? What do you do when you don’t know what to do? The most logical thing to do would be to just do something. Look up keyword phrases like “Find the best school assembly speaker” or “Find a speaker for school assemblies.” That is a starting point at least. The next option would be to talk to other schools that have brought in speakers before; ask them how they did it. Sometimes, some of the most basic tasks end up being the hardest things to accomplish because our minds are clouded with distractions.
If you are trying to find a school assembly speaker, you have come to the right place. Emeka Nnaka has been speaking to people young and old since 2014. He has been the keynote speaker for over 500 events and he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Emek knows what it is like to not know what to do next. He knows what it is like to not know what the most logical next step is because of outside situations clouding his thought process.
Emeka’s entire identity was wrapped up in playing football. He was really good at it and had the potential to take his career as far as he wanted to. In 2008, Emeka took the most logical next step and he joined up with a semiprofessional football team called the Oklahoma Thunder. In his first year of play he helped bring the team to the world championship game and win. As a reigning champion, you know that you must continue to work harder and get better in order to win another championship for the next year. Emeka did just that, he worked out hard and played even harder for the following season. Life took a turn for the worse during his second season. Just partway through his second season, Emeka was injured while making a tackle. That one tackle ended Emeka’s entire football career. All it took was one tackle to break Emeka’s neck and paralyze him from the chest down.
Once football was gone from Emeka’s life, he had no clue what to do next. He felt hopeless and lost for the first few years after the accident in 2009. It would be a few years into his journey that he would be introduced to various organizations that would ultimately be the catalyst to his speaking career. As Emeka began to focus on the positives of what he did have left, he began surrounding himself with amazing people that gave him amazing opportunities. He finally knew what the most logical next step was; he was to speak, encourage, and inspire the masses through past experience with adversity and use his education along the way. Emeka has now spoken to people from all over the United States and has made it significantly easier for others to find a school assembly speaker. Emeka is THE school assembly speaker that is propelling others forward through inspiring speeches throughout the school year. To book Emeka as your next school assembly speaker, call 478-719-8231.

Find a School Assembly Speaker | Powerful Belief

Content was written for Emeka Nnaka.

If you were going to find a school assembly Speaker that is powerful enough to move your student body, you need someone with charisma, passionate, and a strong message. Emeka Nnaka is just the guy for your next school assembly. He has an amazing story of overcoming extreme adversity that is sure to move your students. Not only does he have an incredible story, but he has a great set of communication skills that makes listening to him a joy.

Emeka Nnaka grew up as a kid with a belief that his world could be better. When do you move Tulsa Oklahoma, he joined a semi professional football team which gave him a pathway to achieve a better life. After winning a championship in 2008, it was poised for a bright future in football. That was until a career ending injury altered the course of his life. In a taco, Emeka broke his neck and suffered a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed from the chest down. It was a devastating it to a life that was full of promise. Call to the darkest days, Emeka’s confidence waiver, his believe in himself never did. He decided to pieces life back together brick by brick. He began to serve any local youth group, got in rolled back into school, and begin to serve the community. Now in the later stages of finishing his Masters degree and has a speaker, Emeka is traveling the world inspiring young people to be the best versions of themselves. You will not Find a school assembly speaker with a more powerful journey then Emeka Nnaka

Emeka is passionate about the work that he does with young people. His belief is that young people build our future in the future is built today in the lives of young people. Emeka specializes in building up the personal believe the individuals. He believes that once a person has a believe in themselves, they can go out and conquer their world. This is what he instills in kids and young adults as he travels the country speaking. His passion is felt from his presence as we enter schools and interacts with youth.

Emeka has a welcoming personality that draws people in. His positivity is Filipponi enters a room. From the stage Emeka delivers high-impact presentations through his use of a eloquent stories, metaphors, and interactive illustrations. Audiences are captivated when he speaks to the point that people from the front to the back or leaning in and hanging on to every word. The message that he is able to convey through his tone and humor make him extremely pleasant to hear from him.

Nnaka is the guy that you should call if you were looking to find a school assembly speaker that can bring positive impact to your student body. His experience with youth and in his life make him extremely qualified to present to your students. He is filling up his calendar today so give him and his team a call at 478-719-8231 or visit t