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This content was written for Emeka Nnaka

If you’re looking to find a school Assembly Speaker that will leave a lasting impact, look no further.  Emeka nnaka is a motivational speaker that has overcome challenges few have had to endure. Emeka is a master communicator and through his stories and illustrations, has a way captivating the attention of youth everywhere. He speaks to students on overcoming adversity and developing the leader within. When looking to find a school assembly speaker for your school, you want someone that can hold the audience’s attention and Emeka is the right guy. His enthusiasm for life is contagious and is definitely inspiring to any and everyone. His unique way of relating his story to the audience captures their attention from beginning to end. Emeka has been speaking for years and has a long track record of inspiring people to be the best version of themselves. In Emeka, you are getting a speaker that is dynamic, personable, and relatable. Your students and parents will glad you brought him in. Book him by dialing 4787198231.

Emeka nnaka was a semi professional athlete in the state of Oklahoma when a devastating accident lefty him paralyzed from his chest down. His incredible story of resilience is sure to inspire, motivate, and encourage students everywhere. you won’t find a school assembly speaker with a more compelling story. After 3 months in intensive rehabilitation, Emeka faced the darkest times of his life. Despite this, he found a way to rise when the world around him came crashing down. Principals and event coordinators rave about Emeka’s skills to hold an audience’s attention. His  storytelling and use of creative illustrations is sure to hold your students attention for the duration of his presentation.

Emeka has a passion for inspiring the next generation of world changers. He wants to develop young people into the leaders they are meant to be. This is the speaker that your students have been waiting for. After his devastating  injury, Emeka found purpose in his life by serving the youth in his community. Emeka understands the importance of improving the next generation. He has a way of connecting to students and meeting them exactly where they are at in their stage of development. This is a crucial time for students to build up their resilience for the crucible that is life. With his life experience, Emeka is highly qualified for navigating them this developmental in life.

Emeka is a dynamic speaker that can get and keep the attention of your students.  His story of perseverance for sure to leave the audience ready to take on whatever challenges they face. After a devastating neck injury on the football field,  rose to the challenge that life presents him with. If you’re looking to find a school assembly speaker that is the total package, look no further. He found his purpose in empowering young people to live their live with passion and purpose. His amazing story of perseverance and his communication skills are sure to keep your students engaged and  on the edge of their seats. To book Emeka, give him a call today at (478) 719-8231 or visit