Find a School Assembly Speaker | From Mess to Masterpiece

This content was written for Emeka Nnaka

If it is difficult to find a school assembly speaker that is dynamic, captivating, and inspiring then you have not met Emeka Nnaka. Emeka is one the top school assembly speakers in the nation. He is an excellent communicator that specializes in the uplifting of youth in schools. His ability to relate his amazing story to his audiences makes him one the most dynamic speakers of this generation. Emeka Nnaka is the real deal and is ready to pay your school a long overdue visit. Give him a call today 478-719-8231.

Emeka Nnaka’s story is one that provides inspiration, motivation, and encouragement to all that are blessed to hear it. Emeka was a championship athlete for a semi professional football team before tragic neck injury rendered him a quadriplegic. In the face of the most extreme of circumstances, Emeka fought to not give in to negative thoughts and depression. He was able to take what was a mess and create a masterpiece of his life. Emeka Nnaka is one of a kind and will deliver a one of a kind presentation to your student body. You find a school assembly in Emeka Nnaka that isn’t just speaking on what he’s learned but on what he’s lived. Book Emeka to inspire your students.

Emeka Nnaka has years of experience speaking to youth. His style of communication through the use of humor and illustrations have been developed over the course of time and is proven to keep your students engaged and hanging on ever word. Emeka has studied what makes young people tick and is able to provide keys that students can use in developing the proper mindset to thrive in life. He is passionate about helping others succeed and will do the same for your group. Having Emeka at your school is an experience that you don’t want your students to miss.

Emeka  is dedicated to helping young people find themselves. It’s evident that kids in high school find themselves struggling with their identity. Don’t you want to find a school assembly Speaker that is committed to the development of your students? Search no more. You have found that in Emeka nnaka. Principals, administrators, and school teachers still rave about the impact that Emeka has left in their schools. Their students are constantly asking when he’ll be back. Emeka takes pride in being able to connect to students and encourage them for the long haul not just with words but by example.

Emeka Nnaka should be the next speaker for your school assembly. His inspiring story is one that all students need to hear. He takes lessons that he learned becoming a Championship athlete and makes them applicable to your students. Your students will be in gauge from beginning to end due to his ability to relate his experiences to their Every day experiences. You will not regret bringing in Emeka to address your students. Call him and his team a call at 478–719–8231 or visit his website at