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This content was written for Emeka Nnaka

The struggle to find a school assembly speaker that is inspiring, dynamic, and relatable to students is real. Well struggle no more. Emeka Nnaka is every one of those things and more. As a talented speaker, Emeka is able to captivate his audience and engaging way. His communication style is one that resonates with individuals of all ages your students need someone that is able to connect with them in a way that hold their attention. Emeka is that person that can make a lasting impact on the lives of your students. If you were interested in how Emeka can encourage your students, give him and his team a call today. Learn more by dialing 478-719-8231.

Emeka Nnaka’s versatility and ability to communicate to students makes your search to find a school assembly speaker a breeze. Emeka’s powerful story of overcoming adversity is sure to inspire your entire student body to live their lives fully. In his early 20s, Emeka was in a football accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down. His story did not end there. Instead of giving up, he chose to move forward and pursue the best life possible. He found a life of meaning and purpose and is dedicated to helping others find the same in their own lives. If you are looking to find a school assembly speaker, you will not be disappointed in booking Emeka Nnaka.

It takes more than just talking to change a life. It takes passion, dedication, and genuineness. Emeka Will bring all of those things to the table to inspire your students to live their lives on purpose with purpose. Emeka’s main focus in life is to help young people be better. He understands how they think, how they act, and how they react. Emeka not only uses his experience, but what he has learned in his studies of hope and psychology to motivate students to overcome negative mindsets that are holding them back. With as many negative influences that affect your students, it time to find a school assembly speaker that is the epitome of positive influence.

Emeka would love to visit your students and create a lasting impact. He has the requisite skills to keep your students engaged and locked in on his message. Many speakers struggle with students losing focus during their talks but not Emeka. Using humor and storytelling, students remain engaged for the duration of his presentations. Use this moment to give Emeka a call today. He is ready to come and inspire your students. Look no further to find a school assembly speaker that will impact your student body in a monumental way.

Get Emeka booked today. His schedule is filling up fast. His powerful story will leave a life-changing impact on your students that they will never forget. His passion for inspiring young people is sure to be filled long after he leaves your school. Help your students find purpose and meaning in their lives by bringing in Emeka Nnaka. For more information, call 478-719-8231 or visit