Find a School Assembly Speaker | Pin Drop Presentation

This content was written for Emeka Nnaka

To the principals, administrators, and event coordinators that grow weary in your search to find a school assembly speaker, look no further than Emeka Nnaka. Emeka is a motivator that specializes in speaking to young people. He is known for his dynamic communication style and interactive illustrations. When Emeka talks, the kids listen. He is the perfect person to bring in for your next school assembly. Your students will thank you for it.

Emeka possesses a natural talent for speaking to and relating to young people. As an experienced speaker, he is able to use his unique communication skills to draw the audience into what he is saying. You often hear the phrase “you could hear a pin drop,” but rarely experience those moments. Emeka brings that experience straight to your students. He speaks with poise and his message reaches people from the front row to the back. Principals rave about Emeka’s ability to keep the attention of even the rowdiest groups. In Emeka, you will find a school assembly speaker with depth to his words and power in his story.

Emeka grew up in Georgia and like most young boys, had aspirations of becoming a professional athlete. Emeka’s dreams came true when he began a career playing for a semi professional team in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His life would take a turn for the worst when in a game, he suffered a devastating injury that rendered him a quadriplegic. Confined to a wheelchair, Emeka was determined to find a way to respond to this adversity. His story is one that inspires everyone who hears it. Emeka is a model of hope to individuals young and old. His presence is felt once he enters a room. His passion is to help others overcome adversity in their own life by uncovering the purpose and meaning in people’s lives. Book him to speak to your students today.

Emeka is passionate about seeing the lives of young people transformed. He understands that the future leaders of the world are created today. Your school is a garden for talent and Emeka is the perfect person to bring in to water those seeds. There is no one more dedicated to seeing your students succeed than Emeka Nnaka. After many years of service to youth, Emeka has seen first hand what a shift in perspective can do for  students’ belief in themselves and productivity. You won’t find a School assembly speaker more dedicated to personal development of your students’ character than Emeka Nnaka.

Emeka’s specialty in motivating young people to overcome negative mindsets is what your school needs. He can masterfully relate his powerful story to the every day struggles that your students face. In the face of the most extreme circumstances, he found a way to not give up on his life and has dedicated his life to helping others not give up on theirs. Your students will hang onto every life-changing word that Emeka speaks to them. To get on his schedule, contact Emeka and his team now by dialing 478-719-8231 or visit