Find a School Assembly Speaker | From Worst to First

This content was written for Emeka Nnaka.

If you were going to find a school assembly Speaker that has the goods to deliver a powerful message to your students, you need to find someone with passion, personality, and a great message. Emeka Nnaka fits the bill for everyone of those. He is a motivational speaker with the skills to connect to your audience and deliver a high impact presentation for your student body. Bring him in this school year by calling 478-719-8231.

Emeka Nnaka has a powerful story that resonates with anyone that hears it. When Emeka was growing up, your dreams and goals of being a professional athlete. Your dreams were on their way to coming true when he went to a try out for a semi professional football team in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Emeka earned his way onto the team and after one year they were champions. They were primed to repeat and claim the top spot for consecutive year. In a game, Emeka made a tackle that would change his life forever. On the plane, Emeka broke his neck and suffer the spinal cord injury that paralyzed from his chest down. In the blink of an eye, his world was turned upside down. After being released from the hospital, Emeka found himself in the worst days of his life. It was in this dark time, but Emeka decided that his life was going to mean something. He began to volunteer for a youth group and decided to go back to school. He completed his undergrad and begin to pursue his masters degree at the University of Oklahoma. Now, as a top school assembly speaker, Emeka is showing audiences that they too can go from worst to first.

Emeka’s passion for mentor ship dates back to the days of the young boy when he would put together groups of friends. Emeka has always been a natural born leader and now use those skills to help students discover the great is that lies within them. I am his time working with youth, Emeka has learned what it takes to connect with young people where they are at in their own journey. Emeka is who to call if you are looking to find a school assembly Speaker with passion for you Students.

Emeka Nnaka is a dynamic communicator and is someone that your students will be pleased and listening to. His presentations or not only engaging but they are entertaining and fun to be a part of. He uses interactive illustrations and gets his audience involved. Your students will be on the edge of their seats listening to every word that Emeka speaks. He has a unique way of drawing the audience into what he is saying. Emeka has a personality that commands attention and presents while he is on stage.

You won’t find a school assembly speaker that is more qualified to present at your school then Emeka Nnaka. He is a motivational speaker whose experience with young people make him the best choice for your next event. Someone that has been to the bottom and back up, Emeka can inspire your students to never give up when the circumstances of life are not ideal. Call Emeka and Austin today at 478-719-8231.


Find a School Assembly Speaker | Creating Pathways to Thriving

This content was written for Emeka Nnaka.

If you are trying to find a school assembly Speaker with experience and an ability to connect to your students, look no further than Emeka Nnaka. He is everything and more. As a student at the University of Oklahoma, Emeka is completing his masters degree in human relations and as for the more understanding what it means to thrive and floors in life. Not only does he need to bring his natural skills to the table, he brings a story that is sure to inspire every student at your school.

I think talented athlete, Emeka found himself comfortable on the football field. When he realized that it was something that he could do as a profession, he lit up with joy. Playing football was every little boys dream. And here he was living it. Who strange turn into a nightmare when a freak accident a left paralyzed from his chest down. With no path for his future, Emeka had to figure life out. After dedicating some of his recovery time to working with youth, Emeka found a new pathway to a new goal. He dedicated himself to a life of service and found that this new pathway could pull him out of his darkness. With the new goal of creating an impact, Emeka used his life and his experiences to speak to young people in the city. The pursuit led him to serving the community, which led him to go back to school. Now, make your travels and schools motivated students to create new pathways to their desired lives.

If you are a school administrator, you have to find a school assembly Speaker I can reach your students. Emeka can you do just that. With his experience with young people, we have a unique way of connecting to them. He genuinely cares about your students and desires to make an impact on your student body. Your students are in for a treat when you bring in Emeka Nnaka to present to them. Students today still rave about the time that Emeka came to the school and did an assembly. Students can instantly feel his passion as soon as he begins to talk to them. Emeka care so much that he stays after his presentation to talk to students about issues that they may be facing. Your students won’t regret you bringing him in.

Emeka Nnaka is a master communicator with years of experience speaking to youth. He has the skills to take his powerful message and chop it up into digestible forms for his audience to take In. He uses great metaphors, funny stories, and interactive illustrations to communicate his message. His presentations or entertaining and engaging for even the most rambunctious crowd. You won’t find a school assembly Speaker that will be as memorable as Emeka. He is working on his calendar now so give Emeka and his team a call today at 478-719-8231 one visit his website