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This content was written for Emeka Nnaka.

If you are ace cool administrator, it is time to find school assembly speakers that can come in and motivate and extract positive things from your students. Emeka Nnaka is a speaker that has been doing just that in colleges, high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools across the nation. He is the best there is when it comes to connecting to young people. Not only does he have a powerful presence, but he brings an incredible story of resiliency that inspires all that hear it.

Emeka Nnaka is the kind a guy that the choice being around all kinds of people. He drives on the energy of leading and engaging in meaningful conversation. This is how he was in his locker rooms, a player that energized the room. As energetic as he was off the field, Emeka was just as much on the field. He play ball to the best of his abilities and was a rising star. He was headed for big things until a freak accident on the football field left him paralyzed from the chest down. After months of intensive rehabilitation, Emeka was left to pick up the pieces of his life. Now, as a quadriplegic, emeka was in a life that he had not planned for. He felt like he had dropped off the face of the earth. Emeka sought out connection and began to serve in a youth group and in the community and found he had a gift for bringing people together. In a world that is disconnected by a false sense of connection, Emeka Nnaka is the real deal. He brings people of all backgrounds together to see that we are more alike than different.

In your search to find school assembly speakers, you need someone that can command a crowd. Emeka Nnaka can do just that. He has experience as a speaker with kids and young adults the sets them apart from other speakers. He uses stories from his life to anchor principles and points that he is getting across to his audiences. He brings a relational aspect to speaking. Your students will feel like they have a friend on stage because they do. His interaction keeps his audience engaged.

Indeed it is a natural connector and a master of human relations. He has a passion for young people and tries to do his best to improve their lives. Emeka spent years volunteering and serve in kids and young people through various groups and community efforts. Your students are in for a treat when Emeka visits to the school. These days with technology, kids are so disconnected from each other. Emeka stress to Brie that connection back and a personal manner.

Start your search with Emeka Nnaka if you’re going to find school assembly speakers to present at your school. He is highly qualified to speak to your students. He is ready to come to your school so give Emeka and his team a call today at 478-719-8231 or visit his website at

Find School Assembly Speakers | Don’tSettle

This content was written for Emeka Nnaka.

If you are a school administrator, you are bestowed the task to find school assembly speakers that can come in and motivate your students to new heights. Your goal should be to find someone that can connect to your students and communicate to them life skills that they can use. Emeka Nnaka is the perfect person for the job. He’s a motivational speaker and youth advisor and has the experience to reach your students. He brings an incredible message through his own life story.

Emeka Nnaka was just like your students. Wondering what his life would be, and how he would get there. His life was moving forward in the arena of sports. He began to play football for some of professional football team and his future was bright. Everything was going well for Emeka until he had a freak accident on the football field. He would break his neck and so for a spinal cord injury. This injury left him paralyzed from the chest down and he was now a quadriplegic. It would’ve been easy for anyone to give up under the circumstances. But Emeka is not just anyone. He decided that he was not going to settle for the life that I’ve been given to him. He will strive to be the best of himself that he could be. If we went back to school and got his undergrad degree and is now finishing up his masters. As someone who speaks to you, he encourages students not to settle. He says don’t settle for the place of your birth, don’t settle for the circumstances that you were in, and don’t settle for the life that you were given. You won’t find school assembly speakers with the story and the group that Emeka Nnaka has.

Emeka Nnaka is a dynamic communicator and has the requisite skills to present to your audience. When he is on stage, he command the attention of the people there listening to him in ways that make it pleasurable. When he speaks everyone listens. People are in gauge from the front row to the very back row Emeka is not the kind of speaker that your students will feel like they’re getting talked at. Emeka has a way of drawing the attention of his audience and as if they are simply having a conversation. Your students will enjoy having Emeka visit them.

Emeka Nnaka has spent years serving kids and young adults through groups and various community events. He is a champion for young people and has been a mentor to hundreds. Emeka even shows up early and leaves later just so he can speak to the students about issues that they may be facing in their lives. Emeka’s goal is to be the best big brother that he can be.

As a school administrator, don’t settle to find school assembly speakers that are just average. You want someone that can come and inspire a positive change in your student body. Emeka Nnaka is the person to do that. He is filling up his calendar so give Emeka and his team a call at 478-719-8231.