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Find School Assembly Speakers | The Courageous Speaker

It is important to find school assembly speakers that are not afraid to live the courageous life. For example, would you want a general that just walked in off the street and had never led an armed force? Would you want someone to be the CEO of a software company that had never used a computer in their life? No, you would want someone that has lived a life of mistakes, hardships, bravery, fear, and still overcame. You would want someone that knows hardship on a real level. You would want Emeka Nnaka. Emeka is “The Courageous Speaker.” He is the speaker that will yell and shout because he is that serious. He has lived life on the edge and he does not take it for granted. Emeka rises up to any challenge with the confidence of a soldier and the bravery of a fire fighter or police officer. Nothing stands in Emeka’s way but his mind and his own self. There are no limits to the life that Emeka lives to speak about. His enthusiasm and contagious energy impacts all that he is around.  

Why has Emeka chosen this way of life? There are several reasons, but I will just list a few. First off, all Emeka knows is an attitude of hard work. No matter what Emeka does, he gives it 110%. Whether it’s an extra day in the gym or staying up late to knock out a last minute talk, Emeka does not know how to give up. Second, Emeka is passionate about people. He is committed to anyone that he is talking to and no one is ever left to feel like a burden. Emeka Nnaka gives his time to the beggar on the street corner just as much as he gives his time to the CEO of ABCD Company. Third, Emeka knows pain from all levels, yet continues to push on despite any circumstance. Your pain is just as important as his pain. Your story is just as important as his story. We are all unique and one of a kind. So, if you are trying to find school assembly speakers, find Emeka Nnaka today because he is the courageous speaker that knows what living life to the fullest looks like.

When Emeka was just 21, he was at the top of his game as a semi-professional football player. He has rose to the top and earned a world championship ring in just his first season as a defensive end for an Oklahoma team. Emeka was being recruited by top universities and was on the path to one day playing in the NFL. Sadly, those hopes and dreams all came to a crashing halt in just his second season of play when he broke his neck on a tackle he made on a kickoff return. Even though Emeka is now paralyzed and unable to walk, he was been resilient ever since his accident in 2009. Nothing has stood in his way, not even the label of being “dis-abled.” Emeka is the courageous speaker that continues to overcome any hardship that comes his way. Find school assembly speakers that can live and talk the life of valor. Find and book Emeka Nnaka by visiting or calling478-719-8231 today.