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Find School Assembly Speakers | An Expert Speaker on Tough Times

When you find school assembly speakers that have real life stories with tough times attached, you will have more than likely found Emeka Nnaka at the top of that list. Emeka Nnaka is an expert when it comes to talking about facing tough times in life. Not only has he studied how hardships can mold individuals, he has been molded himself through one of the toughest life circumstances. While it is important to find school assembly speakers that have the stories to back their regular chatter, it’s also important to find ones with high credibility. Emeka’s credibility alone can speak for himself. He has spoken to several thousand youth across the United States at various events, he has spoken to schools and churches, he has spoken to small and large organizations, and he has spoken to large corporations. No matter who Emeka is speaking to, he brings that same high level of energy to every talk that he gives. Emeka is not one to point out flaws; he is one that points out an individual’s potential and how they can develop the avenue and true grit to get there. Emeka can truly maximize your potential when you truly decide to drop your excuses and take action to make things happen.

Just as Emeka has worked to devote his entire life as a top national speaker, he once upon a time devoted his life as a top national football player. At the age of 21, Emeka was at the top of his game as a semi-professional football player for The Oklahoma Thunder. In just his first season, he played a key role in taking them all the way to the world championships, in which they won. His second season was short lived when it ended tragically in a game in Arkansas. He went in for the tackle and CRACK! Emeka had just broken his neck at the C5 and C6 levels. One hour and eighteen minutes would pass before he was hauled off on a stretcher in an ambulance. Nine hours of surgery later and in significant pain, Emeka would soon learn that he was now paralyzed from the neck down. Although he had a long road to a new understanding of what a recovered life looked like, Emeka powered his way through several months of tough rehab. Even though he no longer has the use of his legs and even though he has limited use of his hands and arms, nothing holds Emeka back at all. Emeka takes on any challenge that life throws at him and he does it without making any excuses.

Hopefully after reading this you will discover that there is no longer a need to find school assembly speakers in your area because you have just found the expert speaker on tough times. Emeka Nnaka wants to be your next speaker. He wants to help your students see that they have the power within to make it through any tough time that they may face. Do not wait any longer, please call 478-719-8231 today.