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Emeka Nnaka is the master of motivating student of all ages across the United States, so when you are on your search to find school assembly speakers, don’t waste your time searching for anyone else. Simply pick up the phone and call 478-719-8231 to book Emeka right now. He is an advocate, natural born teacher, life coach, and so much more. Even though Emeka has been through some of the toughest life possible, he overcame and still earned his bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation Services from Langston University and is currently in the process of finishing up his master’s degree in Human Relations from The University of Oklahoma-Tulsa

Find school assembly speakers that have a passion for what they preach. Emeka spends as long as it takes to bring his speeches to the perfect T. He researches and spends countless hours in the library and on the internet to find the most current statistics and facts. Emeka is enthusiastic with the students he talks to, which ultimately leads to a transfer of energy to all that listen and apply his practical lessons of life. Emeka has become a master of motivation because he has delivered nearly 1,000 speeches since his career started in 2009. Emeka has since advocated for many great social issues and he has been an ambassador for the United Way, The City of Tulsa and many others in Oklahoma, large nonprofits that advocate for individuals with physical and mental challenges, among many more.

Whether you have heard Emeka speak in person or online, rest assured that you can now end your search to ever have to find school assembly speakers ever again! Motivation has moved Emeka forward a majority of his life. When motivation wore off, his determination set in and he continued to move forward and past anything that he faced. After moving to Oklahoma and attending Oral Roberts University, Emeka was picked up to play semi-professional football in 2008. In just his second season of play, his entire world came to a complete stop after breaking his neck in 2009. Now paralyzed from the neck down, Emeka has made it his mission to make people his passion after being surrounded by some of the best over the years of his rehabilitation.

Whether you are a school administrator or teacher searching for speakers, Emeka Nnaka will be the best choice for your students. The analogies that Emeka uses will be carried for life by your students. There will be a day that they reflect on their lives and remember the rope of hope and how they truly make an impact on everyone that they encounter in life. They will remember the paintings that Emeka shared with them and how they can find peace in the storm. They will remember how much he cared to stay after his talk to spend time chatting afterwards and eating with the students. Ultimately, they will remember Emeka as the man that motivated them to take action and make a difference. Don’t wait till the last minute to book Emeka. You don’t want to miss out on your chance to have your part in impacting your students. Call Emeka today at 478-719-8231.