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Emeka Nnaka eliminates the need to have to find school assembly speakers because he is the best youth speaker in Oklahoma. He speaks at youth events all over Oklahoma, so don’t wait until the last minute to book Emeka as your next youth speaker. Emeka gets youth excited to take action and face their fears. He helps them to see that it’s okay to just be themselves and not act like someone they are not. Youth love Emeka because he brings so much energy and passion to his talks. When you find school assembly speakers that truly love what they do, you will find speakers that make your youth their main focus and passion. Emeka Nnaka loves to speak to the youth of Oklahoma because he knows how important it is to have amazing mentors that understand the troubles that kids these days go through. Emeka is also up-to-date on current trends and issues that today’s youth face in their lives.  

Emeka knows that many youth give up on life all too early because they feel hopeless when life gets tough when it’s hard to understand. Emeka helps today’s youth understand what is truly important in life. He helps them to understand that they have an impact on the lives that surround them. He helps kids to see that they are leaders. Emeka has been a leader on many levels in his life. When Emeka was just 21 he became a talented young semi-professional football player that helped to lead his Oklahoma team to a title championship ring. When Emeka was in his second season of football, tragedy struck. Emeka Nnaka broke his neck and had to have surgery to repair the damaged bones. Unfortunately, the damage had already been done to his spinal cord and he was now paralyzed as a result. No matter the difficulty, no matter the pain, Emeka overcame all the negativity and doubtful talk that once held him back.

Emeka has made it his life goal to do everything in his power to make an impact on any life that he comes across. With hard work, determination, and a no-quit attitude, he helps others to see that they can have anything that they so desire in life. Emeka helps people of all ages see that the only limits that are set are the ones we set on ourselves.

We don’t have to let limits or labels hold us back, nor do we have to let the overwhelming feeling to find school assembly speakers that are right for our schools keep us from seeking out the best. Take the time to research Emeka Nnaka on his website or speak to other school administrators that have heard him speak, but don’t wait until the last minute to try and book him because it may be too late. Don’t wait until tomorrow to call, call him now at 478-719-8231. Oklahoma’s best youth speaker is waiting on you to take action.