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When you find school assembly speakers that positively impact your students, do you hide that gem or do you tell other schools about them? Emeka Nnaka is that gem of a speaker that you are going to want to hide, but will feel obligated to tell everyone about. I first suggest that you take the time to book him first before your revival school snags up your timeslot. Emeka Nnaka is a one of a kind speaker that lives his life on his sleeve. This positive speaker makes it a point in his life to bring the good out of everyone that he encounters. He makes it a point to surround himself with positive uplifting people in order to bring that same energy to every school that he speaks at. This is the time of year that other schools will be trying to find school assembly speakers, as an administrator or teacher, don’t simply talk about how great it would be if you were able to have Emeka Nnaka speak at your school, get on the phone today and set it in stone before it is too late! Call 478-719-8231 right now to speak to the next available booking agent.  

Have you ever played a sport that you were truly passionate about? Did you dedicate your life to that sport and spend countless hours perfecting your skills? Think about how that sport made you feel. Think about all the people cheering for you. Think about all the times you wanted to quit because it was too hard and you were too tired. Now think about Emeka Nnaka as that athlete. He was that dedicated football player that gave it all he had. He spent the long hours, ran the extra laps, pushed the extra reps; he was that guy that had it all going for him. He was also that guy that had it all taken away in just the blink of an eye.

Emeka’s hard work payed off in 2008 when he earned the opportunity to play for a semi-professional football team in Oklahoma. He played a huge role on the team as a defensive end and ultimately helped lead them to their first ever world championship ring. Tragically , in just his second season of play, Emeka was paralyzed from the neck down after a freak accident tackle. Though Emeka never played football again, his attitude continued to carry him to the top of his game. Since his accident, he has become a life coach, a human rights advocate, he has graduated with his bachelor’s degree, he is working on his master’s degree, and the list goes on.

Rest assured that you can finally end your search to find school assembly speakers in your area. Not only will Emeka’s positive attitude carry your students to the top, but his years of experience coupled with his proven credibility will make your school a name to compete with when it comes to booking him as your favorite speaker year after year. If you want a proven positive speaker experience, call Emeka today at 478-719-8231.