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Find School Assembly Speakers | The Speaker That Won’t Give Up 

It is important to take your time when trying to find school assembly speakers. Don’t rush the process; take the time to dig into their content. Are you simply looking for an available speaker or are you looking to find the best speaker available? Are you willing to wait if they are booked up? If you said yes to the latter, then Emeka Nnaka is your man! If you want Emeka to speak at your school you must act quickly because he books up fast. He brings students of all ages to a dead silence as he walks them through the intimate moments of his life. He brings them to their feet and they erupt with cheers when he hits the climax of his stories. Students, teachers, and parents have been known to shed a tear or two when he tells of all it took to face his giants. Emeka wants you to know that you have the power within to not only face anything that comes your way, but to also find the strength to not give up and finish strong. Make the most of your search to find school assembly speakers that can meet the needs of your students. Your searches will more than likely end in finding Emeka Nnaka as your top pic anyway. He is the top pic for schools across the nation because he knows how to relate to students, he knows how to face the toughest of life, and he knows how to choose to overcome all that life throws at him.

As you are on your search to find school assembly speakers, you will more than likely come across the life story of Emeka Nnaka through his webpage or you will find one of many articles written about him since 2009. Emeka became a professional speaker not long after his career as a semi-professional football player started/ended. After winning a world championship at the end of his first season, Emeka’s whole world was rocked partway through his second season while playing a game in Arkansas. The Oklahoma Thunder football team had just scored a touchdown and Emeka was now on the kickoff team. He ran down the field and made one of the biggest tackles of his career; it would also be the last of his career. A tackle he had made a hundred times before ultimately was the tackle that thrusted him into a career as a public speaker with a no quit attitude. Emeka would later endure 9 hours of surgery after learning that he broke his neck. Though Emeka is now paralyzed, he takes on any challenge head on. Nothing stands in Emeka’s way as he brings a winning attitude to every speech that he delivers. He helps students of all ages adopt this same attitude in life. Take the time today and contact Emeka’s booking agent by visiting or by calling 478-719-8231 right now.