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Let’s be honest, are you searching to find school assembly speakers in your area because you are having a difficult time relating to and connecting with your students? Search no more! Emeka Nnaka has been named the teen-talk specialist. He has mastered the skills of being able to relate and connect to teens across the United States. Emeka has been mentoring teens since he was 21, when he was introduced to one of Oklahoma’s largest and most respected churches. The kids loved him and continued to beg their youth leaders to regularly invite him back. Emeka ultimately earned a degree in counseling in order to further relate to students of all ages. But it took a great tragedy to bring Emeka to this point in his life. It took great pain for him to realize his purpose. It is important that you find school assembly speakers that can relate to your students and it only makes sense that you make Emeka Nnaka your schools next assembly speaker.   

Like many other teens, he made his fair share of poor choices, yet learned from them by having to face his problems head on. Emeka’s path ultimately lead him to Oklahoma after high school. Being a standout football player in high school, Emeka’s hard work and dedication ultimately earned him a spot on a semi-professional football. He was a standout defensive end that played an important role in leading his team to a world championship in just his first season. In just his second season of football, Emeka was being recruited by top colleges and universities across the nation. He was a player that had the potential to take it all the way to the NFL. That all came to an end midway through his second season. One tackle completely changed the course of Emeka’s life when he broke his neck and became paralyzed. Painful surgeries and several months of rehab consumed Emeka’s life, but also taught him how to be a man that could make it past any hardship. Emeka would later continue to share his story of finding hope with several thousand students across the United States.

Emeka Nnaka is now a well-respected professional speaker that can connect with any teenager. He helps students take action and see that they also leaders and can have an impact on everyone that they encounter. He helps them see that they can accomplish all that they set their minds to. It’s nearly impossible to find school assembly speakers more passionate, caring, and loving than Emeka Nnaka. Now that you have realized that Emeka is your top choice, don’t wait any longer to make that phone call. Imagine how your students would feel if they knew you waited too long and were unable to book him until the following year? Now imagine the difference you will see in your students when Emeka does speak at your school this year. Call him now at 478-719-8231 and then rest assured that you just scored the best school assembly speaker ever!