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Find School Assembly Speakers | A Top National Youth Speaker

Waiting too long to find school assembly speakers that are on the national level can be like waiting until the last minute to start a college paper and expecting to get it done on time; it just isn’t going to happen. Emeka Nnaka is that speaker; don’t wait until the last minute to book him because he is in high demand. Emeka has been speaking on a professional level since 2009 to crowds of all ages and sizes. He has made it his mission to develop himself to his maximum potential in all areas of his life. Emeka has earned countless awards for his contributions to the community as well as awards from local universities and organizations. Emeka makes no excuses in his life because with excuses comes stagnation. Emeka Nnaka is all about personal development. Emeka spends countless hours studying all aspects of human development. It is his passion to not only develop himself as a speaker, but to also develop anyone that wants to better their life. Emeka is a life development coach that works with people of all backgrounds of life in order to help them believe that they have what it takes to accomplish all that they were created for in life. When you discover who Emeka Nnaka is and the potential he can deliver, you will no longer need to find school assembly speakers ever again. Emeka keeps up with the latest trends and develops or molds talks to meet school needs.

Just as Emeka is a top speaker on the national spectrum, he was just as good of a top athlete. Emeka was the star defensive end for the Oklahoma Thunder, a semi-pro football team that is based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Emeka joined the team in 2008 and quickly made a name for himself as he helped lead the team to their first ever world championship. He had the drive and talent to take it all the way to the pros. He was on his way to play for a top college football team. He had everything going for him until his life came to a standstill one weekend night in Arkansas. Emeka went in for the tackle and brought his competition to the ground. The only problem was, Emeka never got up. Emeka had just broken his neck at the C5-C6 levels. Surgery came within 24 hours and months upon months of painful rehab soon followed.

Even though Emeka never gained the ability to walk again and only gained back partial use of his arms and hands, he has never let anything stand in his way of being all that he was meant to be. When you find school assembly speakers that are on a national level, you will find that Emeka Nnaka is at the top of that list. If you have been fortunate enough to hear Emeka speak you know how important it is to book Emeka quickly because of how great he is. Book him today by calling 478-719-8321.