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Do you want to find the best school assembly speaker or are you trying to find the most phenomenal school assembly speaker? The previous statement goes hand in hand. To be the best, you must also be the most phenomenal. We must face the harsh reality of the things that scare us so that we can overcome and become stronger as a result of it. When you find the best school assembly speaker to be Emeka Nnaka, you will be thoroughly surprised to find out that he is also one of the most phenomenal as well. To be a phenomenal speaker, Emeka wakes up early in the morning nearly 7 days a week. He goes through some of the toughest daily rituals. Emeka Nnaka didn’t become a highlight sensation overnight, he started where everyone else did when they were new to public speaking; he started on the bottom and worked his way up. Then, in 2014 Emeka Nnaka became a paid public speaker. Emeka quickly made a name for himself since his debut and has since delivered well over 500 speeches. Emeka is a skilled keynote speaker that is experienced in delivering custom talks to audiences of all walks of life. Emeka Nnaka is a phenomenal public speaker because he consistently pushes others to be better than him. There were many times in Emeka’s life that he didn’t felt like taking on the day, but he got up anyway and did what he needs to do.When you try to find the best school assembly speaker, don’t be surprised if you notice yourself being pulled towards the realm of wanting to make phenomenal life choices. It all boils down to the idea of phenomenal decisions; are you making daily decisions to chase down and push toward the best you? Emeka Nnaka pushes himself forward by constantly making phone calls and meeting up with potential school administration to determine when Emeka can come speak. Emeka hasn’t always been a public speaker, nor has he consistently been one to bring such a high level of commitment to the table. Emeka is highly competitive and goal driven when it comes to being able to envision the end in sight. The end in sight hasn’t always been the focus of Emeka. In 2008, Emeka became a semiprofessional football player for the Oklahoma thunder. Tragedy later struck in 2009, in a game in Arkansas. As a result of that tragedy, Emeka is now paralyzed from the chest down after breaking his neck in 2 places. It took a few years for Emeka to really realize how he was going to go about pushing himself to be phenomenal, but when he did, he truly did. Emeka Nnaka is now a highly sought after public inspirational speaker that seeks to help others figure out how to achieve their inner greatness and turn it into action steps on a daily basis. Emeka doesn’t regret being hurt because it has been what ultimately brought him to where he is today. Make the most out of today by booking Emeka Nnaka as your next school assembly speaker. His slots fill up fast, so call him at 478-719-8231 today!