Find Top School Assembly Speaker | An Ambitious Mentor

Principals are always in search to find to school assembly speaker. It takes a lot to become a top school assembly speaker, including years of experience. A prevailing story and an influential message are born of a  life filled with overcoming heartache, difficulty or tragedy. But the story doesn’t get far without fantastic interpersonal communication skills. Emeka Nnaka has already experienced so much in his short time here, he knows there’s more to come, and he’s here to tell his story! Furthermore, he has mastered the art of communicating and storytelling, making him an exceptional speaker that any school would love to host.

It took a tragedy in Emeka’s life to help him understand that his purpose was even bigger than he thought. Emeka Nnaka was a talented athlete, beginning his young career as a semi professional football player on a team in Oklahoma. But a life-altering injury on the football field took all that away, and rocked his beliefs to the core in the process. He thought about giving into the bitterness in the face of adversity. He didn’t know what to do when his life suddenly looked completely different than he imagined it would. But Emeka knew when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Over time and hard work, Emeka realized his calling to speak to children and teenagers about his experiences. He now travels the nation, spreading hope to all who will listen.


Emeka Nnaka’s spirited motivational style makes him a reason to find top school assembly speaker. He keeps student on the edge of their seats with his stories and introspective dialogue. He will have a profound impact on students and adults alike, encouraging ambition over discouragement. His wit and humor keep students relaxed and ready to listen. His story of choosing to press on despite circumstances will make a lasting impact on the students. The lively, effective communication style he possesses is not easily forgotten.


Emeka has always had a heart for children and young people. He can easily relate to their struggles since he’s still relatively young himself. He wants to help as many students as he possibly can become the best version of themselves. He wants to be the strong mentor and positive role model that many children can be lacking in their lives. Emeka understands the essential role strong mentors held in his own life. He wants every individual he comes in contact with to walk away knowing they have the power within themselves to face whatever comes their way and still reach their goals.


Emeka Nnaka is definitely one of the best motivators for young people. He is the find top school assembly speaker your school has been looking to find. He has overcome so much in his life and wants people of all ages to know they can do the same thing. His life as a quadriplegic has not held him back from leading a purpose-driven life.  Call Emeka Nnaka today to schedule your school’s next assembly speaker. His story can help students cling to their ambition and never give up on their dreams.