Find the Top School Assembly Speaker | An Experience to Remember
This content was written for Emeka Nnaka
If you were in the market off to find the top school assembly speaker in th
e business,
than look no further than Emeka Nnaka. Emeka has been speaking for years
and is a
highly skilled and gifted communicator of Youth. He is interested in being the next
speaker for your event. All you have to do is call him today. Your stude
nt body will
be transformed by Emeka
s presentation. He has a powerful and compelling story
that is able to reach the heartstrings of your students.
Emeka had his whole life ahead of him and was living out his dreams as a membe
r of
a semi professional football team. Emeka
s life would change in the blink of an eye
when he made a tackle and broke his neck on the football field. During the play
Emeka suffered a spinal cord injury that left him for quadripleg
ic, paralyzed from
the chest down. Emeka had many options but decided that giving up would not be
one of them. He uses the lessons he
s learned through overcoming such extreme
circumstances to speak to groups all over the country. People call his phone
they are looking to find the top school assembly Speaker for their stud
Emeka desires to be a positive influence in the lives of your youth. He is passio
about serving young people and helping them reach their full potential. Em
eka uses
a number of different speaking techniques to draw the attention of his audience.
From the front to the back, students will be engaged and is highly interactive
presentation. Students today still reach out to Emeka to inform him of the
that his talk made in their lives. He wants to do the same for your students. It is
crucial time in the psychosocial development of your students and Emeka
wants to
give them tools to help me navigate adversities in their own lives.
Emeka is passionate about speaking to young people because he wishes he
had someone speak to him at their age. Stop you
re searching out because you
re not
going to find a top school assembly Speaker that is better than Emeka Nnaka
. He
brings a unique story and a presence that is felt long after Emeka’s spee
ch. Emeka
overcame a lot of trouble in his life so that he may use his keys for not giving up to
empower your students. Students everywhere love to hear what Emeka
has to say.
There’s a unique bond that Emeka forms with his audience that allows them to
in their seats and receive what Emeka has to say.
Emeka Nnaka is a speaker that is ready to come and make a life lasting change in
your students life. Emeka has experience in the realm of young people which
him a prime candidate to present at your next event. Students from the front to back
will be leaning in to hear every word that Emeka speaks. Your students w
ill thank
you for bringing Emeka in to address them. Give Emeka’s team a call at