Find Top School Assembly Speaker | Person of Perseverance

The search to find top school assembly speaker for your school is becoming more and more difficult to do. In the age of instant gratification and constant technological stimulus, students can become bored and lose interest, causing issues in school and assemblies. But this concern is not the case when your school books Emeka Nnaka. His encouraging attitude through trying times is inspiring. Emeka’s mastering of public speaking and his first hand knowledge of learning how to overcome obstacles has developed him into the perfect assembly speaker for your students. He can keep both children and adults interested from beginning to the end.  

When it comes to making a great speaker, it starts with storytelling. Emeka’s story is both authentic and motivating. Emeka’s athletic skill and love of football earned his a spot on a semi professional football team here in Oklahoma. But all that came to an end one day on the field. One fateful tackle left him paralyzed from the neck down and wondering what his future would now consist of. During his time of rehabilitation, he also struggled with the loss of his dream of being a role model on the field. It could have been easy to give up, but Emeka didn’t have it in his DNA to give up when times got tough. He worked hard on his rehabilitation. He mentally fought back with determination and heart. Today, he continuously shares his story to young people, spreading his message of perseverance and never giving up.


Emeka Nnaka is the guy if you find top school assembly speaker for striving for success and cultivating a heart for students. His energetic communication skills and exceptional view on life keeps students on the edge of their seats. Emeka’s joy and enthusiasm is contagious! Students will walk out of the assembly motivated to work hard and confident with the truth that they can make it through any hardship or tragedy that life may throw in their direction.


Emeka Nnaka’s passion to help children and teens is apparent in all he does. He knows what it’s like to be in need of guidance and direction. He also knows how liberating it feels to be reminded of his meaning and purpose in life. He understands the right support can last a lifetime. He knows how much of an impact the role models and mentors in his life helped shape him, preparing him for the role he now plays in young people’s lives. And now he wants to be a mentor for today’s youth and give them the lasting motivation they need to persevere.


Emeka Nnaka is the right person if you’re looking to find top school assembly speaker for your school. His injury on the football field may have initially been tragic but has grown to be inspiration and an blessing to others. He wasn’t going to give up, no matter what. He now strives to live a life of purpose and wants to encourage others to live their lives the same way. Call Emeka Nnaka today to find top school assembly speaker today.