Find Top School Assembly Speaker | Person of Persev
The search to find top school assembly speaker for
your school
is becoming more and more difficult to do. In the a
ge of instant
gratification and constant technological stimulus,
students can
become bored and lose interest, causing issues in s
chool and
assemblies. But this concern is not the case when y
our school
books Emeka Nnaka. His encouraging attitude through
times is inspiring. Emeka
s mastering of public speaking and
his first hand knowledge of learning how to overcom
obstacles has developed him into the perfect assemb
speaker for your students. He can keep both childre
n and
adults interested from beginning to the end.
When it comes to making a great speaker, it starts
storytelling. Emeka
s story is both authentic and motivating.
s athletic skill and love of football earned his a
spot on a
semi professional football team here in Oklahoma. B
ut all that
came to an end one day on the field. One fateful ta
ckle left him
paralyzed from the neck down and wondering what his
would now consist of. During his time of rehabilita
tion, he also
struggled with the loss of his dream of being a rol
e model on
the field. It could have been easy to give up, but
Emeka didn
have it in his DNA to give up when times got tough. Which is why he a great choice to find top school assembly speaker.
He worked
hard on his rehabilitation. He mentally fought back
determination and heart. Today, he continuously sha
res his
story to young people, spreading his message of per
and never giving up.
Emeka Nnaka is the guy if you find top school assem
speaker for striving for success and cultivating a
heart for
students. His energetic communication skills and ex
view on life keeps students on the edge of their se
ats. Emeka
joy and enthusiasm is contagious! Students will wal
k out of the
assembly motivated to work hard and confident with
the truth
that they can make it through any hardship or trage
dy that life
may throw in their direction.
Emeka Nnaka
s passion to help children and teens is apparent
in all he does. which is why you need him if you want to find top school assembly speaker. He knows what it
s like to be in need of guidance
and direction. He also knows how liberating it feel
s to be
reminded of his meaning and purpose in life. He und
the right support can last a lifetime. He knows how
much of an
impact the role models and mentors in his life help
ed shape
him, preparing him for the role he now plays in you
ng people
lives. And now he wants to be a mentor for today
s youth and
give them the lasting motivation they need to perse
Emeka Nnaka is the right person if you
re looking to find top
school assembly speaker for your school. His injury
on the
football field may have initially been tragic but h
as grown to be
inspiration and an blessing to others. He wasn
t going to give
up, no matter what. He now strives to live a life o
f purpose and
wants to encourage others to live their lives the s
ame way. Call
Emeka Nnaka today to find top school assembly speak
Find Top School Assembly Speaker: Leading the Next
Are you looking to find the top school assembly spe
aker that is
right for your students? Emeka Nnaka is the person
looking for who can engage a diverse group of young
with his original style. His heartening outlook and
unique way of
thinking is just what your student body needs to gr
ow. He has a
knack for keeping people, both young and old, engag
ed and on
the edge of their seats.
Emeka was a football player. His talent, athleticis
m and large
stature earned his a spot on a semi professional fo
otball team
in Oklahoma. Emeka wanted to use that talent on the
field to
inspire children and teens to work hard for what th
ey want. He
wanted young people to see his determination and st
rive to be
just like that. But in one instance, an injury on t
he field left him
paralyzed from the neck down. During his time of re
he also struggled with the loss of his dream. But h
is friends and
family wouldn
t let him give up that easily. He realized he could
choose to NOT let this hold him back from living li
fe to the
fullest. He now travels the country, speaking to st
udents about
working toward excellence and looking beyond today.
Emeka Nnaka is a top school assembly speaker who ca
n turn
s discouragements into motivation and success. His
authentic communication style and new view on life
students engaged and looking at their own lives fro
m a different
perspective. He challenges us all to look more at t
society instead of just
Emeka is an amazing speaker,
able to touch individuals from all walks of life. S
tudents will
leave the assembly feeling optimistic and emboldene
d to live to
their fullest capacity, no matter what happens in l
Emeka Nnaka loves helping children and teenagers. H
e doesn
t want anyone feeling like they are alone in their
battles. In a
world quick to judge and always looking for instant
Emeka encourages all of us to look beyond what we i
perceive in order ] to find commonality and success
. He knows
youth need strong mentors and a consistent driving
force to
encourage them to stay on the right path in life. E
meka is also
ready to fill that role for any student who needs i
t. He knows
taking control of one
s one destiny is amazingly rewarding but
not for the faint of heart.
Emeka Nnaka is the top school assembly speaker that
school has bee looking for. Becoming a quadriplegic
t end
his story, it just created a new chapter. It helped
him look
beyond the expectations he put on himself. He uses
wisdom to encourage others to look at life differen
tly. His
powerful story compels young people to work hard an
d never
give up., giving our next generation hope and the a
bility to cope
with whatever happens in life. Call Emeka Nnaka tod
ay to
schedule your school
s next assembly speaker.