Find Top School Assembly Speaker : Powerful Story

Are you looking to find a top school assembly speaker in the midwest? Students from all walks of life can benefit from a powerful story of overcoming obstacles. But finding a highly skilled speaker who can connect with young people can be difficult. However, Emeka Nnaka is not just any regular speaker. His courage and tenacity for life is just the type of encouragement you have been looking for. Call today!As a young man, Emeka Nnaka thought he had his life all planned out. As he began to play semi-professional football in Oklahoma, he was well on his way to making his dreams and success a reality. But a sudden traumatic injury left him paralyzed from the neck down, and his life took a powerful new turn. Gone were his football days. He could have given up, and his story could have faded away. But that’s now how Emeka works. He knew he was destined for more in life than whatever circumstances surrounded him. Through strength, will power, and lots of encouragement from his friends and family, Emeka Nnaka is now an inspiring figure who travels around changing the lives of young people.Emeka Nnaka is a powerful motivational speaker, making him a top school assembly speaker. His upbeat communication style keeps students’ attention without falter. His open book attitude draws individuals in to a personal level that can last a lifetime. His stories have an upbeat air about them, even thought the topics can be daunting. Students will leave the assembly knowing they take on whatever life throws at them and they have adults in their lives to cheer them on the entire way. Emeka’s story has a way of getting students to look inward and see what they can do to succeed and rise about
their circumstances.Emeka has a passion for helping students. He understands how important it is to have powerful mentors in a young person’s life, encouraging them to excel and never give up. Without that guidance, an individual can struggle staying on the right path that leads to success. Ever since he began speaking, he knew his focus would be on children and teenagers. After all, Emeka is still a kid at heart! And his easygoing attitude makes kids feel warm and immediately comfortable around him. His dynamic speaking style connects deeply with all audiences.Emeka Nnaka is by far the top school assembly speaker that you have been looking to find. His background in football connects with many students and instilled in him a strong work ethic. His life as a quadriplegic has helped him realize that absolutely anything is possible, even if things don’t appear that way at the moment. He has found importance in working together to make our cities a better place for everyone. His strength to keep going is what dreams are made of. And finally, his heart for children and teens shines through in the way he speaks and interacts with the students. Emeka Nnaka’s story is not to be missed!

Find Top School Assembly Speaker: A Gifted Storyteller A top school assembly speaker doesn’t just appear overnight. A powerful story and a strong message come from a life of triumph over failure, success over setbacks, or perseverance over tragedy. Years of speaking engagements hone in the skill of communicating. Emeka Nnaka has already experienced so much in his short time here on Earth, and he knows there’s more to come! Furthermore, he has mastered the art of communicating and storytelling, making him a fantastic speaker for your school.It took a tragedy to help Emeka understand that his purpose was even bigger than he thought it would be. Emeka Nnaka began his young career as a talented semi professional football player on a team in Oklahoma. But a sudden injury on the football field took all that away, and rocked his world to the core in the process. He thought about giving up in the face of adversity. He didn’t know what to do when life as he knew it suddenly looked dramatically different. But Emeka wasn’t raised to be a quitter or shrink back in times of difficulty, Over time and hard work, Emeka realized his calling to speak to young people about his experiences. He now travels around, spreading hope to children and teenagers in the United States.Emeka Nnaka’s powerful motivational style makes him a top school assembly speaker. He keeps student on the edge of their seats with his stories and introspective dialogue. He will have a profound impact on students and adults alike, giving hope for any hopeless situations. His wit and humor keep students relaxed and ready to listen. His story of choosing triumph over defeat will have a powerful, lasting impact on the student body. The dynamic communication style he possesses
is not easily forgotten.Emeka has always had a heart for children and young people, especially since he’s still relatively young himself. One of his goals is to help as many students as he possibly can. He wants to be the strong mentor and positive role model that so many children seem to lacking in their lives. Emeka himself sees the important role strong mentors held in his own life. He wants every individual he comes in contact with to walk away knowing they can withstand any tragedy or setback that may come their way. Everyone has a purpose!Emeka Nnaka is hands down one of the best motivators. He is the top school assembly speaker that you have been looking to find for your school. He has overcome so much in his life and wants children and teenagers to know they can do the same thing. His life as a quadriplegic has helped him look at life through a different perspective. Life may not look like what you thought it would, but it can be greater and deeper than you ever thought possible. Call Emeka Nnaka today to book your school’s next assembly speaker. His story will have a lasting impact on your students’ lives.