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When you find top school assembly speaker like Emek
Nnaka, you know you
ve found a true gem. Students and
teachers alike can benefit from his influential sto
ry of
overcoming tragedy and setbacks. Finding a highly s
speaker like Emeka who can connect with young peopl
e can
be difficult, if not rare. His bravery and resolve
for success in
life is just the type of encouragement you have bee
n looking
for. Call to schedule Emeka today!
As a young man, Emeka Nnaka thought he had his life
figured out. When he began to play semi-professiona
l football
in Oklahoma, he was well on his way to making his d
come true. But in the blink of an eye, a traumatic
injury left him
paralyzed from the neck down, and his life abruptly
took an
unexpected turn. His days standing on the football
field were
gone. He could have lost hope, and his story could
have faded
away. But that
s now how Emeka was raised. He knew he was
destined for more in life than whatever circumstanc
surrounded him, and he wasn
t going to give up. Through
strength, will power, and lots of support from frie
nds and family,
Emeka Nnaka is now a stimulating character, traveli
ng our
country to help change the lives of young people.
Emeka Nnaka is an influential communicator, making
him the
reason to find top school assembly speaker. His ent
communication approach keeps students
attention. His
honesty draws individuals in on a deeper level that
can last a
lifetime. His stories have an upbeat air about them
, even when
the topics can be heavy. But Emeka isn
t scared of the tough
topics. Students will leave knowing they take on th
e world.
s story has a way of getting students to look inwar
d and
see what they can do to succeed and rise about thei
Emeka has an infectious enthusiasm for helping stud
ents. He
understands how important it is to have powerful me
ntors in a
young person
s life, encouraging them to excel and never give
up. Without that guidance, an individual can strugg
le staying on
the right path that leads to success. Ever since he
speaking, he knew his focus would be this next gene
ration of
individuals. And his laid back personality makes ki
ds feel warm
and automatically comfortable around him. His passi
speaking style connects deeply with all audiences.
Your search
to find top school assembly speaker is over. Emeka
is your
y. Call today at 478-719-8231.
Find Top School Assembly Speaker | An Ambitious Ment
Principals are always in search to find to school a
speaker. It takes a lot to become a top school asse
speaker, including years of experience. A prevailin
g story and
an influential message are born of a life filled w
ith overcoming
heartache, difficulty or tragedy. But the story doe
t get far
without fantastic interpersonal communication skill
s. Emeka
Nnaka has already experienced so much in his short
time here,
he knows there
s more to come, and he
s here to tell his story!
Furthermore, he has mastered the art of communicati
ng and
storytelling, making him an exceptional speaker tha
t any
school would love to host.
It took a tragedy in Emeka
s life to help him understand that his
purpose was even bigger than he thought. Emeka Nnak
a was
a talented athlete, beginning his young career as a
professional football player on a team in Oklahoma.
But a
-altering injury on the football field took all tha
t away, and
rocked his beliefs to the core in the process. He t
hought about
giving into the bitterness in the face of adversity
. He didn
know what to do when his life suddenly looked compl
different than he imagined it would. But Emeka knew
when the
going gets tough, the tough get going. Over time an
d hard
work, Emeka realized his calling to speak to childr
en and
teenagers about his experiences. He now travels the
spreading hope to all who will listen.
Emeka Nnaka
s spirited motivational style makes him a reason
to find top school assembly speaker. He keeps stude
nt on the
edge of their seats with his stories and introspect
ive dialogue.
He will have a profound impact on students and adul
ts alike,
encouraging ambition over discouragement. His wit a
nd humor
keep students relaxed and ready to listen. His stor
y of choosing
to press on despite circumstances will make a lasti
ng impact
on the students. The lively, effective communicatio
n style he
possesses is not easily forgotten.
Emeka has always had a heart for children and young
He can easily relate to their struggles since he
s still relatively
young himself. He wants to help as many students as
possibly can become the best version of themselves.
He wants
to be the strong mentor and positive role model tha
t many
children can be lacking in their lives. Emeka under
stands the
essential role strong mentors held in his own life.
He wants
every individual he comes in contact with to walk a
way knowing
they have the power within themselves to face whate
ver comes
their way and still reach their goals.
Emeka Nnaka is definitely one of the best motivator
s for young
people. He is the find top school assembly speaker
your school
has been looking to find. He has overcome so much i
n his life
and wants people of all ages to know they can do th
e same
thing. His life as a quadriplegic has not held him
back from
leading a purpose-driven life. Call Emeka Nnaka to
day to
schedule your school
s next assembly speaker. His story can
help students cling to their ambition and never giv
e up on their