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Find Top School Assembly Speakers | Athlete Pushes on Despite Injury

If you are in the market to find top school assembly speakers, look no more. Emeka Nnaka has been speaking professionally since 2009 and sharing his inspirational story with thousands of people all over the Mid-Western part of the United States. Emeka’s messages will inspire, challenge, and cause one to want to take action and bring about change in all parts of your life. Emeka was a talented athlete growing up and his dedication and hard work eventually payed off when he was given the opportunity to play for a semi-professional football team in Oklahoma in 2008. Emeka worked harder than any other athlete, pushing himself beyond his limits. Limited is not even a word in Emeka’s dictionary when it comes to life. What others see as limits, Emeka sees as an opportunity.  

Emeka’s talent brought him a championship in just the first season. Part-way through his second season, Emeka made a tackle he had performed hundreds of times before. This time it was different. In just a split second, Emeka’s entire life had just changed. He fell to the ground and was unable to get up. Numbness began to come over his entire body and he was unable to move. His breathing began to become more labored and in that moment he realized that something wasn’t right.

Emeka had broken his neck at C-5 and C-6. Even though life would never be the same and there would be many challenges ahead, Emeka never gave up. Emeka now shares his story of being an overcomer to children of all ages.  He helps them to see how they too can overcome and see their own life through his unique story. So, as you are planning for your upcoming school year and looking to find top school assembly speakers, consider Emeka Nnaka. Emeka gives you your monies worth when he comes to speak at your school. He doesn’t just speak and go; he speaks and then interacts with the students and staff. Your school is his priority when he comes to speak.

Emeka keeps the students attentive and grabs their attention. Emeka Nnaka uses his powered chair to his advantage when he speaks. He drives his wheel chair back and forth, so that he can focus on and keep the focus of every student throughout the auditorium or gym. Emeka also takes the time out of his day to make any other individual with a physical challenge feel loved and right at home. Emeka also uses great life examples and applies them to real world situations that all the students can understand. He communicates his points clearly and engages his audience to the point of laughter and cheering. Emeka is passionate about people and is always looking to leave those he encounters with increase. Emeka has already decided that he won’t let his past injury stop him, don’t let your excuses stop you. If Emeka can do it, so can you.

As you find top school assembly speakers, add Emeka Nnaka to your list of those to book for the upcoming school year. For more information visit his website at or book Emeka for your next speaking engagement by calling 478-719-8231.