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Find Top School Assembly Speakers | The Positive Example Your Students Need

Whether you are a teacher, school administrator, or part of your student body council, more than likely you are trying to find top school assembly speakers that lead a positive lifestyle and can make a monumental impact on your student body. Emeka Nnaka has been positively impacting students throughout the Midwest since 2009. Emeka takes quick control of his audience with his professional stage presence and powerful voice. If you are still on the search to find top school assembly speakers that not only have a story to tell, but can bring great lessons to the table, Emeka Nnaka is your next keynote speaker for your Elementary, Middle, or High School event. Emeka not only gets your students pumped up, but he also can bring them to a dead silence. Students and teachers alike leave Emeka’s talks different than when they came in. He not only knows the challenges students face, he understands them. Emeka has faced many challenges in his life and he made the decision to not let his past get him down.

Emeka knows struggles. Emeka knows what hard work looks like. Emeka knows what it feels like to want to give up when the worst of life hits. Emeka has eliminated the words “I can’t.” He finds the positives in all situations. When he hears negative self-talk or complaining from others, he responds in a way that makes that person want to change. Why does Emeka do this? It’s because he truly appreciates life and all that it has to offer and he wants to see the best in others come out. Emeka was an athlete growing up and he knew what hard work looked like. Emeka set the pace and made his way to play semi-professional football for a team in Oklahoma. In just his second season, tragedy struck. All it took was one play gone bad; a freak accident. One tackle changed everything. Emeka Nnaka broke his neck and became paralyzed from the neck down. After years of hard work and determination, Emeka continues to live a positive and fulfilling life with so much to be thankful for. Emeka cares about people, particularly the students that will lead our future. Emeka helps others see that no matter who they are, they are true leaders and have an impact on all that they encounter.

Whether you are the student body president, a teacher or administrator, and are trying to find top school assembly speakers, please take the time to look more into the heart of Emeka Nnaka. His moving story not only brings your heart to a standstill, it also thrusts you into action and leaves a lasting impact on your life.  Emeka will catch your attention quickly and hold it until the very end. Emeka leaves you with increase. He makes you want to interact and ask questions. Emeka makes your students the priority and not once makes them feel like a burden. Save yourself time and make Emeka Nnaka your first choice when selecting school assembly speakers. You won’t regret it. For booking, please call 478-719-8231 or visit his website at