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Find Top School Assembly Speakers | The Speaker That Won’t Give Up

When you are on the search to find top school assembly speakers, it is important to find one that has a proven track record. If you are an administrator or teacher, you know that it is important to find a speaker that can not only relate to your students, but also one that lives by example. Emeka Nnaka has set the bar high for other assembly speakers. Emeka’s story becomes all the more powerful because he is a highly gifted communicator. Whatever Emeka commits himself to, he carries it out to completion and will not give up. Emeka gives the extra degree to whatever he starts. He is passionate about impacting the lives of students and it shows up in the delivery of his speeches.

It is important to find top school assembly speakers that have a powerful story. Emeka knows what struggle looks like, but he never lets it slow him down. Emeka was a Defensive End for a semi-professional football team. Towards the beginning of his second season, Emeka was severally injured after making a tackle. He would later find out that he broke his neck and would be left paralyzed, only to regain limited use of his arms and hands. Even though his injury was very significant, he never gave up. As soon as the doctors would let him, he quickly got straight into physical therapy and on the road to a whole new life. Even though Emeka’s life looks completely different now, he has yet to let life hold him back. Emeka always finds a way to accomplish the task at hand, even if it means asking for help. Emeka does not see his life as a disability, he see his life as an opportunity. Emeka brings this same attitude to every talk that he gives. He brings this same attitude to every person that he encounters.

Emeka’s positive outlook on life is contagious. Emeka takes advantage of any opportunity he has to make a difference in the lives that surrounds him. Excuses are afraid to even come near Emeka because they know that he will combat it with something positive and uplifting that will thrust oneself into action. When Emeka speaks, he brings down the house. People listen in silence at the most appropriate times and they cheer with excitement when the opportunities arise. Emeka knows how to connect with students because he can relate to them with real life stories that he himself overcame.

If you are looking to find top school assembly speakers in the coming school year, choose Emeka Nnaka. His story of beating the odds and not giving up is inspiring and uplifting. Emeka will bring you from the lowest of lows to the highest of highs. He will inspire you to want to take action and make the appropriate changes to maintain that new lifestyle.  Emeka Nnaka is the speaker that everyone wants, but not many get because he is in high demand. Act fast and book Emeka today.