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Find Top School Assembly Speakers | Tulsa’s Top Role Model

When you find top school assembly speakers and they prove themselves to be legit, you often want to hold onto them like a rare diamond or a big chunk of gold. Emeka Nnaka is that diamond you have been waiting on. He is that speaker you won’t ever want to let go of. As a school administrator or teacher, you will find yourself wanting him to come back and speak to your students year after year. You will find yourself talking to other school administrators about the great experience you had when Emeka came and spoke. You will find yourself talking about how great of a speaker Emeka is before you even hear Emeka speak in person because of all the outstanding reviews you find on the internet. You will find yourself begging Emeka to come to your school to speak after you watch his promotional video or one of his many YouTube talks. Don’t be the administrator that comes out of your office crying because you waited too long into the school year to call Emeka, only to find that he is completely booked up for the year. Whether you heard about Emeka from another school administrator or you saw him on TV, don’t wait to book him! Act now and book Tulsa’s top role model. Act now and book Tulsa’s #1 influential speaker! Your students need Emeka’s heartfelt message of hope. Your students need Emeka’s message of a no-quit policy.

If you are wanting to find top school assembly speakers that have a “wow!” factor story, you are going to want to find Emeka Nnaka all the way to your schools front door. Emeka Nnaka is Tulsa’s top role model for several reasons: he is involved in the local community on a regular basis, he is an advocate for many social issues, people are his passion, and so much more. Emeka’s story of overcoming tragedy will rock your students’ world. After many years of hard work, Emeka earned the opportunity to play semi-professional football in Oklahoma. In his first year of action he rose to the occasion and became the team’s top defensive end, ultimately leading them to their first ever league championship. His second season tragically came to an end when he went in for a tackle on a kickoff return. Emeka sadly broke his neck and became paralyzed from the neck down. Most athletes would have just given up right there and let their life simply slip away. Instead, Emeka chose to be a fighter and never give up.

Stop searching to find top school assembly speakers and start searching to find a way to make Emeka Nnaka your next keynote speaker. Why wait until the school year is halfway over? Act now and book Emeka, Tulsa’s very own, as your next game changer. For booking, simply visit or call 478-719-8231 today. Don’t be the administrator that missed out on the opportunity to have Emeka Nnaka speak at your school because another school acted before you. Emeka Nnaka is a household name that delivers 110% of the time.