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Find Top School Assembly Speakers| Transform your student’s life

With every new school year that approaches, it is important to find top school assembly speakers.  If you are looking for someone that will motivate, inspire, and captivate your students, Emeka Nnaka should be your top choice. When you choose Emeka as your primary speaker for the school year, you will never have to go through the process to find top school assembly speakers ever again. Once you listen to Emeka’s heartfelt story and experience his presence, you are guaranteed to fall in love with not only his speaking abilities, but also him as a person.  Emeka will ignite passion in your student’s hearts and once again help them to see that there is hope in all situations. He uses great analogies that hit home with the students and teachers alike. Emeka is all about quality time. Every person that he encounters is just as important as the next. How he treats a top executive is how he treats every student he talks to. He makes it a point to remember names and find the best in each of your students.

Year after year, Emeka has overcome great odds and achieved huge obstacles that many would have simply given up on and walked away. Emeka has been a go-getter throughout his life and one that takes on any challenge. As a result, Emeka earned the opportunity to play Semi-professional football for a championship team. During one of his games in just his second year of playing, Emeka sustained a career ending injury. He had just tackled an opposing player on a kickoff return and broke his neck.

Now paralyzed from the chest down, Emeka did not let this tragedy stop him. Emeka now speaks to kids of all ages and brings a dynamic message that your students will never forget. When Emeka speaks, your students will listen. Teachers even find themselves mesmerized and moved to take action when Emeka gives a school assembly speech. Emeka loves people and gives every ounce of his energy to whomever he encounters. You no longer need to find top school assembly speakers because once you find Emeka Nnaka, you will want to invite him back year after year.

Emeka Nnaka interacts with the students and helps them to see how unique and important they truly are. He brings to life his stories in a way that paints vivid pictures in the mind and makes it feel like you are the one living the story. What school would not want a speaker with such an impactful story? What school would not want a speaker that is passionate about the individual lives of the students? Emeka has beaten the odds and continues to beat the odds. Emeka Nnaka does not give up. Emeka Nnaka will not give up. Emeka Nnaka not only perfects his speeches, but he also perfects his live in all aspects. Emeka is your next assembly school speaker. He is your answer.  Book Emeka Nnaka today by calling 478-719-8231 or visiting his website at