An Inspiring Mentor : School Assembly Speaker

This content was written for Emeka Nnaka.

Emeka Nnaka is passionate about being your next school assembly speaker. He has years of experience speaking to young people and schools of all sizes. He has an effective story that’s able to challenge and grow whoever hears it. He can effectively inspire and motivate young people to achieve more and live better lies. Emeka Nnaka is dedicated his life to seeing middle school and high school students change for the better. Dial 478-719-8231 book Emeka as your next school assembly speaker. They quickly discover why his become the top you speaker in Oklahoma after hearing his message.

The first thing that makes Emeka Nnaka a gifted school assembly speaker is as powerful story. Emeka has a story that is life-changing and will cause anyone who hears it to be inspired for the better. Emeka was a talented athlete and excelled in all sports through out his youth. He went on to become a semi pro football player for a team here in Oklahoma. At the age of 21 during one of his football games Emeka experience and injury that caused him to become paralyzed from the neck down. This totally alter the course of his life and cause him to have to reevaluate everything. Emeka decided that he would be defeated by the circumstances but he decided to overcome. He understood that by embracing a positive mindset he could overcome any obstacle. He is now passionate about sharing these mindsets with other people that will inspire and motivate them to overcome their own challenges.

Emeka also has an infectious personality that’s able to connect with everyone. Part of what makes a speaker great is being able to have a personality that is attractive and interesting. Emeka is full of joy and happiness and is able to magnetically attract his audience. He uses humor and wit to keep people laughing and attentive throughout the entire message. He is unafraid to be vulnerable and be totally open with historian message, Emeka desires to be authentic is a breath of fresh air to anyone who hears them.

Another big part of what makes Emeka Nnaka such a great school speaker is his love for students. Emeka has a heart for young people and desires to see the lives changed for the better. He is passionate about growing and developing young people so that they can be equipped to effectively lead the world of tomorrow. He also understands the need for mentors and desires to do all he can to mentor students. Emeka cares about the lives of the people he talks to which is what him to become top Oklahoma high school speaker.

Emeka desires to be your next school speaker. Is effective approach will motivate your students to live better lives. Emeka knows what attitudes and mindsets are required in order to live a successful positive life. Emeka is passionate about helping young people grow. In order to book Emeka is your next high school motivational speaker Dial 478-719-8231 today.

Rise Above the Obstacles : School Assembly Speaker

This content was written for Emeka Nnaka.

Being a teenager has become increasingly difficult. There so much pressure coming from all different angles. This is a big reason why many young people turn to drugs and alcohol and ruin their lives permanently. Emeka Nnaka desires to help young people overcome their challenges by being vulnerable with the challenges that he’s faced through life. Emeka has years of experience as a high school motivational speaker and would be honored to be the next school assembly speaker for you. Dial 478-719-8231 in order to book Emeka Nnaka as your youth speaker.

There are many different things that are required to be an effective school assembly speaker. The first of these things as being able to captivate the attention of your audience through a powerful story. Emeka Nnaka has a story that will challenge young people and cause a prospectus to be changed. His story begins& talented athlete who joined a semi pro football team in Oklahoma. Emeka excelled on the team and desire to continue his career in sports. At the age of 21 while playing football, Emeka experienced a life-changing injury that caused him to be paralyzed from the neck down. All of the meccas hopes and dreams immediately change. Rather than give up and check out on life, Emeka decided to develop a positive way of thinking in order to overcome the new obstacles that he experience every day. He now desires to use what he has – his mind in his voice – to help other people overcome their own obstacles.

You must also have a dynamic personality in order to be a top school assembly speaker. There so many youth motivational speakers are full of wisdom, the lack of personality that engages with teenagers well. In order to be a great youth speaker, you must be able to connect with your audience. Emeka Nnaka is a speaker that has a personality full of joy and happiness. His personality is infectious as he inspires his audience to overcome their difficulties. He uses humor and wit in his messages that keep people attentive and engaged. He is also willing to be authentic and vulnerable to share the obstacles that he has to overcome on a daily basis.

Emeka Nnaka is a great school simply speaker because he actually cares about the people he speaks to. Unlike many speakers sure just trying to earn a buck, Emeka Nnaka has a passion for helping young people. He remembers how he needed mentors in his life to help carry them through and he now desires to mentor others. He is passionate about training the leaders of tomorrow by investing in them during the years for their most moldable.

Emeka Nnaka is passionate about being the top you speaker in Oklahoma. There are many youth motivational speakers out there but none of them are like Emeka. Is passionate about helping young people grow and develop. The story that he shares will leave a lasting impression on whoever hears it. He is passionate about developing people in ways that they need to develop in order to effectively change for a lifetime. Dial 478-719-8231 in order to book you meccas your next high school speaker.